I can see your house from here
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The Geograph British Isles project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. It also tells you what's unique about Beast Cliff.
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Fantastically obsessive! And oddly compelling to look at photographs from around your own area.
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There's one taken just over the road from my mum's house, hence my title.
posted by Abiezer at 2:02 AM on April 4, 2007

I like the idea. Might not work in Canada (infinite snaps of clearcuts). Can't find Yorkshire on there.
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IThat is a bit freaky Listener, though they do have lists of centre-points of ceremonial and historic counties. Guess you could surf around from there.
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Sorry, it's late here and I should be sleeping. I couldn't find it by clicking on the little country map. But I found stuff searching by name, like this.
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Wow, I miss home. Thank you Humphrey Bolton!
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Close enough!
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I came across this site ages ago and forgot about it. I'm pleased to see that the one photo I uploaded is still there, and as it was the first for the grid square it's the geograph!
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This is wonderful. Makes me very nostalgic. One of the first photos I found round the area I used to live was the graveyard where my parents were buried so many years ago. Hardly surprising considering that English graveyards lend themselves to photography. *goes away quietly to remember past times*
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There's one taken just over the road from my mum's house, hence my title.

Same here, as well as one of my old local pubs and half my teenage hangouts, including the first off licence I got served at with my skilfully created fake ID! I also like the fact that the photographers are prominent - one woman is on a mission to document the village I grew up in, and if I go a bit further afield the surnames that pop up are all familiar from school. Unbelievable - I think you just made me homesick for the Wirral, Abiezer!
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Cheers for the link. I may even submit some of my own photos! They've made a Hell of a start: it only took me a minute to find a building that's 100 metres from my house...
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Hmmm. This lump of rubble is obscuring the view of my house
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It is a bit confusing to navigate, but a pretty cool site. I did a search for "Archway" and got nowt, then put in my postcode and got the view from around the corner. For some reason they've listed this pic as being in Camden Town.

(for the lay viewer - you can tell this isn't a picture of Camden Town because there are no piercings visible).
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This bloke used to make home-made ice cream, and disappear out the back for ages aiding youthful pilferage of grots (for shame).
First underage boozing here. Me and my mates also used to ride our bicycles straight into the canal, then swim underwater and come up in the reeds opposite unseen, scaring the tourists who thought you'd drowned. Ah, the pre-ASBO days.
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Heh. This one is closes to my house.
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This is amazingly good. There seem to be pictures of every street I've lived in, though none of the actual houses (this is the closest. I lived next door).

I used to go shopping here. Note the comedy arrow.
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OV0000 at Beast Cliff in North Yorkshire is the sole land representative of the OV 100km national grid square or myriad. It is also the only land representative of the much larger 500km grid square (or pentad) which is known by its prefix letter O. The remaining areas of both the OV myriad and the O pentad lie in the North Sea.

I'm going back to bed.
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And miss the myriads of pentads?
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neato - i lived here up until 2 months ago. Looks a bit dumpy now that i look at it. Hmmm.
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This is cool. As a kid, I lived across the way from this.
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