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Web Sites Accessible for Everyone is a fairly comprehensive site, offering a variety of resources for anyone interested in website accessibility. I've found the AJAX and Accessibility section particularly interesting. Thank you University of Washington.
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This is pretty handy as well.
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Good reading, thanks for posting.
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I'm on the committee that is mentioned in this site. We try. We really do.

And then you run the university's home page through JAWS or some other accessibility aid and you wonder just how far we have to go here on campus.

(I should mention that if you're working at a computing department at a university and you need help making your site accessible, DO-IT just got a big NSF grant to help people like you out for free (I think, it might be a greatly reduced cost).)
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Ah, DO-IT, greatness on so many levels. I hang out with (the founder of DO-IT) Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler every summer at a college preview camp 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities, and thats a excellent resource for any young student with disabilities. I've been nothing but impressed by how DO-IT has been run.
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Cool, thanks!
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