Matayoshi Jesus for House of Councilors and Secretary General of the United Nations
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If you thought Toyama Koichi's campaign speech was interesting, you may also find the 2004 House of Councilors campaign speech by Matayoshi Mitsuo, or, as he calls himself, Matayoshi Jesus, interesting.
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You might also be interested in Uchida Yuya's Tokyo governatory campaign speech, back in 1991, notable for being primarily about music, and being almost entirely in English.
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I am interested in a transcript.
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Ain't Japan great?

Unfortunately, it's not always this wacky in an entertaining or easily dismissable sort of way. Check out this recent occurence.
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Flapjax, since it's just us and the crickets in this thread: about that mayoral shooting, all the TVs here said "2回連続" or "2代連続" (can't remember exactly) while reporting the news. What was twice in a row? (We have TVs here at work, but the volume is turned off, so I have to guess from the Terops.)
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bugbread, I'm lost with kanji (and impressed with yours!) but I think the twice is referring to number of shots. Apparently he was shot twice.
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Ah, ok. For some reason, I thought they meant that it was twice in a row, that is, that his predecessor was also killed. That had me spooked way more.
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Damn, even the crickets left, bugbread. So anyway, how 'bout these election trucks, eh? They seem to be getting louder every year. There are elections coming up in my ku and the trucks are really fuckin annoying. SO loud!
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I don't mind the loudness so much as the lateness. In my area they troll past at 9 o'clock at night, and in my girlfriend's area, up to 10. I wonder what votes they think they're winning with this behaviour (and, well, it's an odd land -- whether they in fact are).
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Past nine, up to ten? That's awful. Here in Arakawa-ku the shut-off time is 8, and they must be pretty strict about it, cause you can set your watch by the immediate ceasing of aural hostilities. God, I hate election time. Wish I could just blow town for the next few days.
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