Paris Hilton Autopsy
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The artist who explored the beginning of life last year presents his meditation on the end of life, designed to teach kids about the hazards of underage drinking.
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At least you didn't call your own follow-up "excellent".
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...Paris's legs up in stirrups for postmortem pelvic examination...

Which explains the "sexy" (if that word can be used to describe a dead person or Paris Hilton in any state) pose. Does this guy have sex on the brain or did he surmise this was the only way to get anyone to look at it?
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I caught this on some other blog, and my brain hasn't quite wrapped itself around this yet. The non-sequitor is just too much for my poor addled noggin. I mean seriously, no more drugs for that man.
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pretty amazing that, similar to his depiction of britney spears giving birth doggy style, this guy poses paris in a way that does not mesh with autopsy positioning (yes, her legs would TOTALLY be in stirrups for a "postmortem pelvic examination" after she died from drinking or something. sure.) but conveniently shows off her snatch. plus, the way her back is arched like that? corpses do that all the time. and they also wear tiaras. and have their dogs licking them during autopsy prep. and their cell phones.

but the real kicker is showing the supposedly dead body of someone over 21 as a warning against "underage drinking." classic.
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Attention whore uses attention whore to whore for attention. I am poorer for having given him any of mine.
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excuse me, paris apparently died from drunk driving, which clearly ALWAYS involves a pelvic examination during autopsy. right?
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I don't understand. Why does Paris look like she's getting off, and where is the open abdominal cavity I keep hearing about in the press material?
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Hackity hack hack. This belongs in the shameful statues of the 21st century post.
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I can't wait for his sculpture using Nicole Richie to illustrate the dangers of anorexia.
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Could someone give Daniel Edwards a little shove? He appears to be stuck.
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Er, I thought these statues were parody, mocking the sex they portray. Am I alone in this?
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Hopefully he used a dead Paris Hilton as a reference.
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Excellent statue.

For high school juniors and seniors, the dangers of underage drinking are minimal.

The dangers of underage drinking and driving are maximal, however, if that's a word.
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Right. And this is a statue designed to teach the importance of good hygiene. This one is about circumcision, immigration, and the declawing and neutering of cats.

And who could forget this one, which is about a plate of beans.
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That conch shell looks like lady parts, CF12.
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That conch shell looks like lady parts, CF12.

Female circumcision, then.
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The dangers of underage drinking and driving are maximal, however, if that's a word.

The Maximals are descendents of the Autobots.
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'Paris Hilton Autopsy' Educates New York City Teens, Offers Capla Kesting Fine Art Interactive Drunk Driving PSA Promotes Safe Prom'

Stupidest. Excuse. EVER. for making a dumb cast of a be-tiarred Paris Hilton in a provocative, gut spilling pose. Fellow needs to GHOFB if he has something to say, 'cause his art and his message only say "cognitive dissonance".
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Wait, huh? And why does that 'dog' have such a human-like rear end?
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Yup, you're on to somthing with that doggy butt. I noticed that too (but didn't get too close).

BTW, that reminds me of an old version of "Louie, Louie" with nasty lyrics about dog sex. Anybody ever heard that?
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