NYMag's Top Five Tribeca Film Fest shorts
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New York Magazine's top five shorts from the Tribeca Film Festival, presented in full, including the 25-minute documentary "Someone Else's War," about third-world contract employees in Iraq. A bit more inside. [via Nerve's Screengrab]
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I liked the 12-minute "Lawrence," a sly look at a strange relationship; it's really evocative of loneliness and feels really neat. The 15-minute "When the Tide Turns" was also pretty good - a fairly simple story with background barely sketched in, but gripping and emotional enough to carry it.
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I saw Someone Else's War at the Atlanta film festival just a few days ago. Definitely one of the standouts in a long week of sitting in movie theaters ...
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Too bad this will probably get released to some 'academic pricing' publisher.
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Just watched two more: "Len's Love Story" is a wonderful 14-minute film about a couple of days in the life of an autistic guy figuring out how to live on his own. It's an odd, kinda slow but thoroughly enjoyable flick with a couple of surprising twists, and emotions that resonate long after it's over. "Vartan, LLP" is another oddball heart-tugger that tells its story very effectively in 15 minutes. You don't see many independent films that make you feel sympathetic toward successful Wall Street types; it's a good one.

I'm halfway through "Someone Else's War," and while the occasional narration has that fake DocumentaryVoice that pulls me away, intermod's right: it's great so far, too.
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sorry poster, I missed the first link... thats great.
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I've been covering the Tribeca Film Festival for another magazine, but if anyone is interested I've been up dating my Livejournal with photos from the Red Carpet on an almost daily basis.
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