That was one of mine. It won an award, you know.
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"Lovely crinkly edges." Third and final part of an excellent series of unpublished interviews with Douglas Adams, with the first Hitchhiker's book still to be complete and script editing on Dr Who taking up much of his time.
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Oh, where have all the wildly imaginative humourous sci-fi/fantasy authors gone?
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They have all gone to one of two places: Heaven or Tralfamadore.
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Ah, so he didn’t just think the whole thing up lying drunk in a field then. There was professionalism involved. Good to know.
*dumps whiskey bottles*
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Thank you for this. I hadn't seen it before.
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eurasian--we still have Terry Pratchett. I laughed myself silly over The Colour of Magic, which is the only book of his I've read, but fortunately he's written lots more.
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