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Puleng is a lovely and evocative animated short film (about 3 minutes) with a refreshingly simple yet sophisticated visual style. A poignant little portrait of life ended and life renewed.
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Other interesting animated shorts from Lumen Eclipse: Banana Ghost and Doll Face.
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How bittersweet. Thanks.
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Very reminiscent of "The Man Who Planted Trees."
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Beautifully animated.

(nitpick alert:)

But as someone whose great-grandmother got her water from a hand pump, I happen to know you have to prime a pump if you expect to get any water out of it. (/nitpick)
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nitpick countermove: You don't need to prime positive displacement pumps

Beautiful animation. Taylor does a fantastic job conveying the characters resignation- an emotion that's not easy to convey. I'm a sucker for the music at the end too.
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beautiful--thank you.
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Very nice, and I loved the music too. (The song at the end is "N'Binheto" by Mabulu; this review says "On 'N'Binheto/Misfortune,' António Lodingue Matusse sings a poignant tale of two brothers who help each other leave their country only to be separated by mistrust in their new home.")
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Hey, languagehat, thanks for the Mabulu link: checking out the audio samples now, nice stuff!
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Lovely animation--thanks. I liked the other two recommendations also (Banana Ghost and Doll Face). I'll have to browse around on the Lumen site some more.
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Enjoyed Doll Face, thank you.
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