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Meet Obasan: Adorable demon-possessed little girl and Japanese professional wrestler for the horror-themed Triple Six promotion. More highlights: (1) (2)
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She seems like a pretty average kid. Filled with intense anger and sugar.

I would so watch pro wrestling if it involved more child beating. This is great.
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I'm glad to see that someone on the planet 'gets' pro wrestling. It's meant to be hilariously stupid, right?

When the little girl kicked that one dude in the nutsac, everything was in its right place.
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Well, you've got to love that the Japanese aren't even pretending that pro-wrestling is anything other than completely scripted. There's a certain bracing honsty involved there.

But, as for the videos, I've got to wonder why the person who put them together was so obsessed with that one particular Urusei Yatsura ending theme song. I just don't see the connection myself.
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Here in Nagoya, I went to this puroresu izakaya, where you can have a beer and a meal and watch the little seven-year-old kids pretend to beat each other up in the ring. Or go in there yourself and pretend to get beat up by them. It's a really good time.
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My morning = made!
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She lifted those guys so high in the air it has to be real. I wonder what demon possessed her?
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It looks like she has a blog decorated with rainbows and puppies. It's linked off her profile on the Triple Six website.

Anybody here speak Japanese? We need to know if she's bragging about capturing souls for Satan in the wrestling ring.
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That was the most sincerely awesome chokeslam, ever.

Seriously, Mankind/'Taker @ Hell In The Cell can now officially SUCK IT.
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why does one of her opponents have "Balzac" written on his butt?
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I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. Yes, this is what professional wrestling is supposed to be.
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i just grinned so wide i think i swallowed an ear.
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This is an even better post to start the day with. Two days in a row, MeFi! Fuck Folgers, the best part of waking up is seeing what kind of awesome shit is waiting for me on the blue.

Plus the subject line/topic/whatever made me crack up.
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Agree with ShawnStruck. For my money, the chokeslam is one of the top five weaksauce finishers of all time (right up there with Ox Baker/ Sid Vicious' "Heart Punch"), but Obasan breathes new life into it. Fucking awesome.
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Well, it isn't any more stupid than Dancing with the Stars or Lost.
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When I was a kid, I wasn't into pro wrestling -- too stupid, even for my tastes. But I would have totally watched this. She's like a living cartoon!
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Just 'cause it's scripted, don't mean it's fake.
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Even Gene Simmons started small.

It appears that this kid is having an absolutely awesome childhood.
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The first video, showing her doing things to the 'Urusei Yatsura' opening song, seriously amused the heck out of me.
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I bet I could take her.
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This is astonishingly great. Thanks.
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Why can't things like this be on my TV all the time?
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The Japanese really do so many things better and this is one. I wish I could understand the smack talk going on. Seriously Vince McMahon take notes.
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That takes some serious choreography and practice. When those guys fake a bodyslam it made me wince a bit. Good stuff!
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Antidote for Nippon Sugar Demon: Mr Ken Clean Air System.
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For the first time, I understand professional wrestling.
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I'm not exactly clear on the girl's name, actually. I found her referenced as Obasan on a couple of message boards, but now it seems like her name (or at least her character's) is President Ramu.

For a little more background, go here.
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So, this is a bit of promotion for a movie?
God, professional wrestling has become so commercialized.

Thank you for this post. I haven't clutched my belly and giggled at a little demonic girl beating up a man in 'balzac' pants in a long time.
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A few comments:

- This is AWESOME.

- According to one of the comments on the blog StopMakingSense linked, her character name is probably actually President Lum, which would explain the Urusei Yatsura music.

- Browsing through the poster's other videos, I found a sort of interview/promo thing with her here, which I imagine would be even more entertaining if I understood the language.

- Her blog apparently is now here- from running it through Google's translator, it doesn't appear to be in character, but given the quality of machine translation, I can't say much more than that.
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