Were SF attorneys having sex with dogs?
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Were SF attorneys having sex with dogs? Robert Noel and/or Marjorie Knoller own the dogs that killed Diane Whipple. Now a search warrent is released that looked in a Pelican Bay prison cell for "any materials or correspondence describing sexual acts by Noel or Knoller that involve dogs." It doesn't sink much lower than this.
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That's got to be the best MeFi link title in ages :-D
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...a key element in a dog-mauling prosecution.

Ahh, so that's the technical term for what prosecutors do.
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"The couple have said they will file a defamation lawsuit against the state Department of Corrections. They said the department was incorrect when it told reporters the two inmates were running a dogfighting ring."

in light of the bestiality investigation, *this* is the part of their reputation they're worried about????

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Sex with dogs?!? That bitch!!!
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How could the dogs sink so low?
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What would the correspondence say?

"You put the 'best' back in 'bestiality'."

"Thanks for being my pal. If not for you, I'd never have discovered the joys of molesting dogs with my throbbing, uncircumcised member."

"All your dogse.cx are belong to us."
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Can't find the quote now, but Knoeller earlier claimed that the dog was a lover, not a fighter.
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Gives new meaning to Knoeller's claim that Hera was her "lick therapist", don't you think?
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Here's the article which quotes Knoeller: Knoller called Hera a "wonderful pet" who would not be a problem if released back to her owners. ''I believe she would be fine," she said, adding that Hera had the nickname of "certified lick therapist" for the comfort and affection she provided.

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this is disgusting! Stay with sheep.
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Who let the Whipple's out? Who, who, who...
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I don't believe a lick of it. Hopefully they'll be over the hump soon. They'll have to be careful, though, lest they get into court and screw the pooch. Meanwhile, this focus on bestiality instead of second-degree murder really shows how a stupid little side-issue can wag the dog.
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Oh Mr. Hartung, was that really necessary??? :-)
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Doggone right, it was!
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When Knoller looks at him with her puppy-dog eyes...
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And this from the Bangor News:

DOVER-FOXCROFT — A Parkman man will be sentenced today for trying to murder his son, an admitted zoophile, or person who has a sexual attraction to animals.
Frank Buble, 71, pleaded guilty last December in Piscataquis County Superior Court to attempted murder and elevated aggravated assault. He is accused of trying to kill his 44-year-old son, Phillip Buble, by striking him several times with a crowbar on Sept. 13, 1999.


In anticipation of today’s sentencing, Phillip Buble submitted a written request to the court asking that his “significant other,” a short-legged, mixed-breed dog named Lady, be allowed in the courtroom for the sentencing.
The request was denied.

Here's the whole story
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Break out the Donny Osmond, folks...

o/~ "And they called it puppy looooooooove....." o/~
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