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"I sometimes wonder if anyone still reads this stuff." Here's an unique perspective for the self-styled brash, anarchist, punkrocker turned maturing, computer-geeky, old git in all of us, or at least those of us who remember John Coltrane's version of My Favorite Things. WrecklessEric dot com contains the words of a man filled with faux passion and finite jest, whose composed some good music and written some good lyrics to go with them. For those of you not that old, Wreckless Eric wrote the song Whole Wide World which is what Will Ferrell sings to Maggie Gyllenhaal in that movie before she jumps his bones. It was just last year. You might have seen it. Eric's done some other things too. I bring this to the blue cuz I happen to be fascinated by the wry, personable, unapologetic, self-referential, egotistical and occasionally self-loathing way the guy writes in his website, and cuz I'm a sucker for the history of punk, cuz I'm a geeky old git who used to fancy himself a shoegazing punk enthusiast. ...and cuz I'm bored.
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Wreckless Eric is someone deserving of wider fame and recognition. His book a dysfunctional success is a great read. Funnily enough I was watching a documentary on Stiff Records last night and he came accross as the genuinely nice guy I vaguely remember getting drunk with one evening in 1978.
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there were giants back then...sure.
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"there were giants back then...sure."

...and we used to have to push our equipment to the gigs. Uphill. Both ways. In six feet of snow! And we was thankful!
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thanks for the link towards the coltrane study. I'm currently reading the great book by lewis porter. Thanks for your post.
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I wish I could sound as English as this man. And, this is great to read, not because it's English, but because it is great.
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I wish Ian Dury was still alive. His blog would have kicked ass.
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How pathetic is it that I immediately thought, "Hey, wait! I used to work with that guy!" and then I realized that there was a DJ who named himself "Reckless Eric" that I once knew a million years ago. And that I had no idea where the guy had pulled his nickname from, but that this post has educated me on how freaking ignorant I've been. And that DJ is probably now enjoying his shifts at an In & Out Burger somewhere... or not. I dunno.
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Quality, thanks.
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Okay this is very rough but I just found this and it's just a joy to listen to these brothers do their own acoustic take on the song, inspired of course by the scene in Stranger Than Fiction. Whole Wide World really has gone around the whole wide world. Must be cool to be Eric. =)
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hm. i saw him open for the reigning sound in cleveland last summer, and it's distinctly possible that he was just a little too into his drink, but he ended up stopping mid-song and yelling at two guys in the back of the bar for chatting a bit.
suffice it to say, did not leave a good impression
(nor did the fact that his backing band was a group of tarted-up fourteen-year-olds).

just sayin'.
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