Great Russian Voices
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Giants of Soviet opera are little known in the West. But Victor Han has taken it upon himself to keep their memory personal favorite is Mark Reizen, a deeply nuanced bass, who was powerful enough to carry on singing into his ninth decade. If you'd care to follow along with some of the songs, you can use Emily Ezust's massive archive of lyrics, to which Victor contributes. Or, try listening in English first. Too much music? Here's some reading.
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Lovely post, Strike!
I've got many sites to explore!
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Nice! (But 16kbs, ouch. Guess I'll have to check
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I emailed Victor after finding the site and he sent me a CD of a radio program of him introducing Reizen songs in high quality. Just let him know you're into the music. His physical collection is massive.
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The giants of Western opera are also little known in the West.
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Agreed, sadly.
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Giants of Soviet opera

Is it wrong that I'm hearing that in a monster truck rally announcer's voice?
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Beethoven really wrote songs titled "Scottish Drinking Song" and "Song of the Flea"?
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"Song of the Flea" is a Goethe setting from Faust. Mussorgsky's setting is a bass classic; not sure about Beethoven's.
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Nothing to add, but wanted to thank you for a most excellent post. I didn't know Rezin's voice, but it was a real treat. I love the excerpt of Onegin in English too.
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