The Betrayer Moon
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Happy Blue Moon! A dear friend IM'd me today, and told me it was blue moon... which was funny, because we had just been talking about it the day before — oblivious of tonight's occurance. Don't know what a blue moon is? Well, wikipedia has the answer, of course... In the mood for a little music? Well, you can always download the The Marcels classic or just sing the song yourself with a little help... or throw caution to the wind, and listen to Pink Moon instead.
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I like it.
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"Blue moon" previously discussed here on MetaFilter.
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Shades of Pepsi Pink, anyone?
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Don't forget about one of my favorite domestics!
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Amidst the dawn of the ‘New World’, a rebellion arises. A chorus of old trees reflect upon their unhurried way of life, while younger trees impatiently protest that they ‘want to see the world’. As prophesied by a trio of wild geese, a blue moon heralds the birth of Paul Bunyan, a man who will alter the pattern of life: ‘It is America, but not yet…’ from a synopsis of the opera Paul Bunyan
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uosuaq writes 'Shades of Pepsi Pink, anyone?'

This fine post brought to you by Metafilter(tm) in association with iTunes.
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Did anyone happen to look up and see the moon as it rose tonight? Here in New York, it was the most amazing shade of pink which eventually faded into an orange. It was so unusually beautiful that I made a bunch of phone calls to friends, who turned out to be doing the same thing so nobody missed it. And everyone agreed that it wasn't a shade they recalled seeing before.
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Possibly related (1st of the month here in Oz). Was driving to work this morning and the man on the radio said there was a rare occurrence where the full moon was setting on the horizon, and the sun was rising on the opposite horizon.

I thought bugger, I'm going to miss it.

Then I noticed the full moon perfectly positioned in my rear view mirror with no cars in the way, and suddenly the vista in front of me opened up and there was the rising sun. Very cool.
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Late last evening I looked out the window to see the clouds suddenly part to reveal a large, low full moon that had a distant jet , on approach to landing, silhouetted against it. It was a fleeting moment. Interesting to hear it was blue.
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cortex! You and It's Raining Florence Henderson got some competition from MeFi's old school in the form of the MeFi Mash.
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Bom bapa bom ba bom ba bom bom bapa bom bapa bom kadanga dang dang kadinghy dong ding... BLUE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.
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No wonder everyone is acting like a lunatic.
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Blue Moon is the song sung on the terraces at the football club I support, so I've always had a special fondness.
(Not Man City, who also sing it and as a far bigger club are more well known for doing so; but Crewe supporters say they nicked the idea from us. We certainly do more standing alone.)
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Bom bapa bom ba bom ba bom bom bapa bom bapa bom kadanga dang dang kadinghy dong ding... BLUE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.
Damn, Faint of Butt (and silusGROK).

I've just logged in since my last post. Just FYI - thanks to this FPP I was subconsciously and randomly cranking out that chorus at work today.

I'm most definitely not your attention seeking burst-into-song man. It was inexplicable. And, what, with the falsetto to boot, a few people (myself included) were having a good old laff at my expense.

And while I remember… when I was a wee lad at school we used to sing this song as part of sing-a-long sessions. During normal schooling, if anyone was naughty, our teacher used to get the protagonist to stand out in front of the class and sing Blue Moon solo.

It was a magnificent deterrent.

Despite the trauma I still think it’s a great toon!

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As the Wikipedia article notes (as does the NPR article linked to by spock), this is really not a blue moon. The common notion that a blue moon is traditionally the second full moon in a month is not correct—instead, it is traditionally the third full moon in a season in which there are four. By that definition, next May will have a blue moon, but this May didn't.
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Oh please! Words mean what we use them to mean -- and I don't think many people mean "an event which I could predict if you just let me sit down with an almanac".

I don't believe the stories of the derivation either. Why would anyone start labelling any calendar event with the extremely unrelated adjective "blue"? Much the most likely reason is that the expression "once in a blue moon" was already in use, presumably in much the same sense that 99.9% of people use it today.
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i prefer Pink Moon

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