The Coins and History of Asia
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The Coins and History of Asia contains information and scans of over 2500 coins from 600 BC to 1600 AD. Also on the same site, an article about Hephthalites, the so-called White Huns of Iran who had an empire in Central Asia before disappearing from historical record after a little bit more than a century.
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From the site: Begun in July 1996, I've resigned myself to the fact that this will take the better part of several dozen more years to complete.

Wow, that's dedication. What an amazingly comprehensive and detailed site!
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Very nice. Thanks, Kattullus.

I've always been fascinated by the Greek Bactrian kingdom, and the site has a nice page on their coins. Here's another.
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wow cool thanks!

I once got a Phillip II of macedon original for my birthday. couldn't find it on this site.
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It's amazing how much history we only know because of coins.
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Great post! I have a friend who's fascinated by the Hephthalites and used to collect Chach coins (maybe still does for all I know); I'd send him the link but I'm sure he's known the site for years.

I once got a Phillip II of macedon original for my birthday. couldn't find it on this site.

Macedon isn't in Asia.
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Low comment total != bad post. I would like to see the mineral composition of those coins, as well, but I guess it will do.
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I find it interesting that the majority of coins are round(-ish) except for some from China - and even when the style migrated to circular coins, that the hole in the middle is a square.

Is there a reason why gold and silver bullion usually come in rectangular pieces instead of round discs (yes, I know there are gold and silver coins that are round; I'm thinking about the 1 troy oz. and 1kg or 10kg chunks of gold and silver)?
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Macedon isn't in Asia.

Heh, no shit? The Greeks aren't Asian???

Seriously, is it a tetradrachm, a drachm, one of the bronze denominations????
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er... you tell me eekacat ;p
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I mean it has Phillip II on his horse on one side. I can't find it so I'm describing it from memory. Oh dear, I hope I haven't lost it.
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