Teresa Earnhart Speaks
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Teresa Earnhart Speaks about the attempts by some folks to acquire her husbands, (Dale Earnhart) autopsy photographs.
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You forgot the http-colon-slash-slash. Here's the working link.
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hmmm .... isn't this a self-blog?
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"Self-linking... If you just wrote a thought provoking piece and want to get feedback on it, try using ArsDigita's Loquacious system..."

I dunno. Maybe that piece of news couldn't be found at oh, say at nascar.com or that pesky cnn.

It's nice to give the emails of Florida officials at your site for those who are so inclined but you could have supplied some of that info right here.

I want my click back.

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The Orlando Sentinel is trying to see Earnhardt's autopsy photos so they can have an expert make judgments about the cause of death. Considering how little NASCAR and Volusia County officials are saying about the role of Earnhardt's seat belt in his accident, and how NASCAR has historically stonewalled against outside investigations of fatal accidents, I think the scrutiny is warranted.
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I don't see whats so special about Earnhardt why his pictures shouldn't be released
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The Sentinel is just committing journalism, and it's clear NASCAR is circling the wagons. Newspapers historically have a hard time understanding the spin part of their work -- making sure readers know their motives for wanting information that may appear prurient. What NASCAR doesn't understand is the psyche of reporters and editors -- if you stonewall, expect an even bigger and more damning series.
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My only concern is that once these photos are out there, it's only a matter of time before they appear on the cover of _The Star_ or as a feature link @ rotten.com.

And what's the point of that?

The NASCAR relationship to these pictures is a canard, imho. The _real_ story is the seatbelt failure, not the steering wheel face plant.
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Volusia County was planning to allow people to come in and look at the photos (under Florida's Sunshine Laws), but not to photograph or film them.
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