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Mars and Beyond - 50 years ago, this animated episode of Tomorrowland aired on Disneyland a few months after the launch of Sputnik - an entertaining melange of astronomy, sci-fi, pop culture, science, speculation, and surreality. Walt himself and Wernher von Braun make guest appearances and clip 5 is particularly trippy. (Parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
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From clip 5:
"If animal life has developed on Mars, it may have taken many new and unexpected forms. There could be animals with heavy insulation to conserve heat in the sub-freezing night. Or perhaps the bitter surface conditions have driven some life underground, to develop in dark, mysterious environments."

Wow, that would be so different from Earth!
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it's always the same, they all jump from the Greeks to the Renaissance as if arab and muslim scientists never existed

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Wikipedia to the rescue
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"There may be plants that feed on other plants! Or even plants that feed on themselves!" This is fabulous. Wonderful animation. Love it.
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the end of part two is pretty great...
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alright. this was done 50 years ago by Disney. the people who invented suicidal lemmings! OF COURSE it's going to be fake science entertainment pulp! That's what makes it so great. All style, no substance. It's Zissou-alicious! Calling bullshit on this is like calling bullshit on westerns and viking movies.
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You sound like you think we're criticizing the post or something. I was laughing about it in an appreciative manner.
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