Historic maps and photos of Africa
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Northwestern University hosts a fine collection of historic East African photographs, viewable as sample sets or in their original photo-albums (requires flash). But the real prize is their wonderful collection of 113 historic maps of Africa, which are zoomable to incredible detail, also 1, 2, 3. via
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I like this 1650 view of the pyramids, a map which also has some sweet crocodiles. This 1680 ostrich and lions, leopard and rhino are also very fine, and the 1565 "Magnum Delta" of the Nile. Man, I could spend all day in these maps. In fact, I already have.
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Ooooooh, Rumple, great find. Great post. Bookmarked. Would favorite twice if possible.

Just a link to this single photo of these musicians alone would've been FPP-worthy, as far as I'm concerned. Check that hat and the leg rattles. Too bad there's no audio!
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This is bittersweet in view of later events, though Fernand de Poo Island is a great place name.
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Cool! I've been wanting a new & accurate map of Negroland and the adjacent countries for my next trip there...
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Thanks, Rumple!
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You beat me to it, Ubu.

But seriously, how I miss my life in the Comoros . . .
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Fabulous post, I am with flapjax in wishing I could favorite multiple times.

wonderful ... gorgeous

egad, what went on here - plus, the slave market and slave pics from the 1800s are amazing and sad.

I have only scratched the surface of the maps. Thanks, Rumple!
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The photo in the middle of album page 38.1.5 (2nd from top in left hand frame) is incredibly sad.
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now that I can navigate the albums...is there any way of turning the pages? i wanna see zanzibar, dammit! *big sigh* all i get is tangiers & lisbon!
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Wonderful post. Thanks.
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