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Lost Art is the fascinating site of Brazilian Mefite Ignacio Aronovich and Louise Chin. It's a deep vein of adventurous, quirky, and kinky photo essays from around the globe. Scroll down on the main page to see a text menu or browse the visual index. Much content is NSFW but - stick with "adventure" and "travel" if that's a concern - or view the SFW slide show Our Year in Pictures 2006 (with sound) or without sound.
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This should help my Portuguese kick along!
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"Tenho orgasmos com dupla penetração, sexo vaginal, anal, e até enquanto faço sexo oral nos outros. Quanto mais satisfaço os homens mais me excito. Sexo é uma troca. "

Pretty simple to understand, really. Immersion is such a fun way to osmositise a language.
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I love this. Thanks, mjjj.
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Amazing series of images.
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mjjj, thanks for the post!

For others who are a bit lost in the 5000+ mix of pages, we suggest checking out
Paraiba Dreams, the incredible work by osgemeos and
, Jun Matsui,
Zezao's underground graffiti,
behind the scenes at SPFW,
year in pictures 2005,
and the interview with Robert Young
Pelton. Funny how just one interview with a porn star makes the whole site become
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