Eric's Emotions
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Eric's Emotions is what you get when you combine a bored college kid and a webcam. He's got a list of emotions on the left pane, hyperlinked to hilarious photos of him illustrating the emotions. My favorites include: "Soylent Green is made out of people," "Fantasizing about Ricky Martin," "New Shoes!," "Han, hold on," and "Mr. Burns' Excellent Face." You can submit new emotion requests, and see his pending requests. [thanks Dan]
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Same concept, different model. Check the bottom of the page for my favorite: "Quasi-Jim Carrey".

-- Derek, who is scared of webcams
posted by fraying at 8:51 PM on January 30, 2000

ah, we did it too! but yeah, I thought we were the first. So naive to think we were the first to discover this particular joy of owning a webcam.
posted by megan at 6:37 AM on January 31, 2000

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