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The late great Post-Punk Junk was once the smartest, best curated music blog on the net. Then it disappeared. Now it has been reborn as a cable access style tv show. Anyone interested in what was happening with music during the years 1979-1985 (roughly) should definitely check this out. Yaheardme? Episodes collected here and here. Check out a spooky looking Nico and Cabaret Voltaire and PIL and Gang of Four and Yellow Magic Orchestra.
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(This is good.)
posted by bardic at 5:32 PM on June 29, 2007

Another punk rock resource whom I have found useful over the years is George Gimarc.

just sayin'
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Hmm.. 5 million dollars for my right leg you say? Then I could afford an iphone.
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Great episodes, learning lots. Thanks vronsky.
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Total Erasure Promo - Philip Jap
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Whoa. Awesome resource. That Gang of Four/YMO video is fantastic. Love Yellow Magic Orchestra's post punk looks and that GOF go disco on I Love a Man in Uniform and just kill...
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holy shit Jon King (gof) is a great performer. He's crazy! Thanks
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This episode is pretty hot too. With XTC and Numbers.
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This used to be my favorite blog! I still have fond memories of downloading stuff like an interview/confrontation between Jello Biafra and Tipper Gore on an Oprah show from the 1980s! Thanks for letting us know that it's back!
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