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Ad Critic is going to be featuring all the superbowl ads right after the game. So I guess there's no need to tape it anymore, just check out the site afterwards...
posted by mathowie (5 comments total)
That's especially convenient for those few of us that would only be watching the game for the ads.

Well, the ads and the possibility of seeing players freeze to each other during the huddle.
posted by CrazyUncleJoe at 12:51 AM on January 30, 2000

I can't believe people would want to watch a bunch of tv ads on purpose. ;)
posted by pb at 6:23 PM on January 30, 2000

unlikely that the players would freeze together, as they're playing in the georgia*dome*. unless of course you were able to drop a ton of FreezUm into the climate control system, dr. freeze...
posted by mmanning at 8:32 PM on January 30, 2000

playing the ad critic:

- is just getting crushed right now (9:40pm pst) with people watching the ads

- the eds "herding cats" ad was the best new ad. but i don't think it serves eds especially well. who really understands that message? mostly young geeks, right? and what do young geeks think of eds' ability to herd cats? is one funny ad going to change that? (or even a series of them?)

- the new ad wasn't nearly as good as last year's. the new hotjobs ad should appeal to most geeks. (sorry, couldn't find either of these ads online)

- even though etrade and lifeminders professed to be wasting money in their ads, they were effective. webmd's 2 ads with ali were the biggest waste; horribly confusing message. i'd say this was the worst ad i saw (and they ran it twice).

- the heart association ad (doesn't appear to be online anywhere, sorry) was so bad i thought for sure it was going to be a spoof ad by someone else. (did you see that guy's thumbs???)

- the sock puppet continues make me laugh, but the new ad isn't as funny as the past ones. problem for them: i don't have any pets, nor do i plan to get any.

- regis philbin needs to go away. he was in about 2/3 of the abc show ads.

posted by mmanning at 9:40 PM on January 30, 2000

BTW, there's a local copy of most of the herding cats commercial here on the MetaFilter server, in high quality picture and sound (thanks to Matt Lavallee). The one on their site is lower qual picture and *horrible* sound.
posted by mathowie at 9:59 PM on January 30, 2000

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