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Battleship Extreme, Operation Tiger, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Seahawk, Operation Allied Shield, are newly released online games from the Australian Defence Force. But where’s Operation Tank Rage?
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I dunno ... For a real rampage, nothing beats the from one in good ole Granby, Colorado. More. Here's some video of the awesomely-named killdozer.

Or, if you're partial to California, there's always the famous one in San Diego. Here's video

Compared to these two rampages, the destruction of a few mobile phone stations seems rather tame!

Of course, for my money, the best tank-in-city event would have to be when the Hungarian protestors stole a Soviet T34 and drove it through the streets of Budapest.
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Meh. I'm hanging out for the v2.0 release of Operation Stolen Children.
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Or Tampa 2: The Reckoning.
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I've gotta say: kids these days sure have it good. In the past, the games would have been released as basic Game-&-Watches - Overboard, for example, would be just like Parachute: the refugees throw their children overboard faster & faster, while you control the navy guy in the dinghy, trying to catch them before they land in the shark-infested waters...
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Or the Doctor Hanif release and redetention:

The Mean and Trickening
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UbuRoivas, the dingo programmers want more meat to work on that.

After playing America's Army, I've got to say meh to the Aussie Defense Force games.
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I was in Granby the day after the rampage -- I was living in North Park with my Uncle, who used to drink with good ol' Marvin Heeyemeyer.
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