Poor kids.
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Child Poverty In Chicago -- photographs by Stephen Shames, (c) 1985. Included is Lafeyette (sic) of "There Are No Children Here."
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(And see this Ask MeFi q if looking for further reading.)
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Dr. Katherine Christoffel of The Children’s Memorial Hospital told me her hospital has documented sixteen cases of marasmus and kwasiorkor, which are starvation-related diseases, in the past four years. Generally these Third World diseases are not looked for. "If we kept good records, we would probably be shocked," she said.

How things change. Twenty years later, access to food is still a problem for America's poor. But not starvation.
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From the recently released Philadelphia Dept. of Human Services planning and budget paper for 2008-09:

Between 2003 and 2005, the percentage of the poverty population who were children, increased from 32.7% to 37.7%. Perhaps more significant, the percentage of all children in Philadelphia who live at or below the poverty level rose from 27.9% to 35%.

When someone is "below the poverty level" they are very, very poor. The federal poverty guidlines need to be raised desperately.
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Meanwhile, Paris Hilton is doing lines of coke and drinking Cristal in the back of a stretch Hummer whilst photographers pursue her down the strip. And half the people on metafilter have themselves a good old cry over a crooked televangelist who stole from the elderly just because she was cast in a good light on some dumb reality show.

I love America's sense of social responsibility and fair play. It's such an inspiring example to the rest of the world.
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On a note unrelated to the hand-wringing over poverty in America: Shames' photos would have more impact on viewers on the internet if they weren't presented in a format the size of postage stamps. In my opinion, Stoneth offers a better presentation.
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Nice post
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