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Avatar Shakespeare Lady Macbeth Interpreted by Dame Microsoft Mary
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That was so cool! Brava! Encore!

Gotta see more and better versions of that.

Always liked-was-bewildered-by Stephen Hawkin's computer voice. Never really knew about synthesized voice, until after enjoying your post and googling TTS.

Had to share this fun fake TTS fight between Stephen Hawkins and his wife YouTube corniness.

More by Sondra Lowell.

A World of Text-to-Speech Voices
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Nice. What's that program again?
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Well, she's no worse than some community theater performers I've seen.
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The Shakespeare was seriously creepy.
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In the news, Shakespeareville, Stratford-Upon-Avon, has been flooded. Huge floods across England this week.
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More Avatar Shakespeare

(slightly more primitive)
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Oh noes Stratford has flooded! Er, again. Seriously, it happens there on a semi-regular basis. Seems like they've got off pretty lightly compared to other places in the region. The news helicpoters go there because it's pretty.

In 1998, The Tempest was on at the RST, and the flooding started during a performance, the weather hasn't had as much imagination this time round.
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