Frozen Moments - High Speed Art
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Photographer Martin Klimas specializes in capturing high speed photography, but with a more artistic aesthetic than the usual "bullet through an orange", etc.
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Bullet through object is pretty much the "Will it Blend?" of photography.
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The shot of the soap bubbles is fascinating. It looks like a vector image.
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I thought it was pretty standard stuff 'til I got to the fracturing Kung-Fu figures. Those are genius.
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I thought it was pretty standard stuff 'til I got to the fracturing Kung-Fu figures. Those are genius.

I agree. Also, the flash interface sucks.
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Wow, so you didn't like the owls? Or the deck of cards? Those were my favorites. But I liked the kung fu figurines as well.
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What is it with photographers and sucky UI?
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i liked it all, but the kung fu statuettes were special
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Super-f'ing-cool! The birds were awesome but the kung-fu figurines were genius!
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The birds were amazing... Any idea on how he captured those pictures?

Also, can those tennis shooter machines really shoot a ball fast enough to shatter glass like that?
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The birds were great, and the first set of thumbnails seemed good but I couldn't be arsed to work through the shitty interface to see them all. Maybe later. Good stuff.
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All hail Harold "Doc" Edgerton !
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Ditto on the kung fu figures. The shattered glass of wine was pretty spectacular as well.
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Previous "high speed photography" threads here on MetaFilter -- 1, 2 and 3.
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What is it with photographers and sucky UI?

I'm wondering how much of the use of this kind of UI is so you aren't able to right click and copy the pix?
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I've seen the figurines in another post, I think, but still cool.
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Thanks for the post. One of the Kung-Fu images was in Harper's last month and it's great to see more of his work.
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Yes, those are certainly among the least interesting photographs I have ever seen. Thanks!
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I liked the wine glass, but I too got tired of fiddling with the interface.

Flash is often used on photography sites to protect images a bit from download. But that doesn't mean the interface has to be lacking in direction and intuition. If anything you have a lot more options in Flash to guide users through.

Why force you users to click open on a thumbnail and then click on it or an arrow to go back to the thumbnails? Why not have an easily seeable arrow to just click through the bigger sizes? Why force users to treat it all like some old school only being able to open a new browser window to see a new image?

It just results in people abandoning viewing your work, there is a big difference between wanting a clean interface to let viewers focus on images and just leaving them hanging wondering how to navigate properly with little control or direction.

< / preaching to the converted>
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Yeah. Never got the whole "preventing people from downloading" thing on photographers sites, since the "big" sizes they offer are usually only 640 x 480 resolution anyway, and no fool is going to try and download that and turn it into a wall poster to sell, now, are they? And if you wanted to do something shocking and illegal like set them as your desktop wallpaper...well, Print Screen + Paste into Windows Paint is all you need to do. But hey, it's a free web.

Anyway, I liked the one with the dropping marbles, mainly because it somehow looked ray traced - you could probably create precisely the same image in POVRAY if you wanted, but it's somehow so much cooler coming from a camera.
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Love the figurines. (Oh, and: here's a music video to go with that.)
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Yes, the figurines are fantastic. Something about the last moments of something carefully handpainted.
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What is it with photographers and sucky UI?

Hey, we're not all like that.

My portfolio site uses a simple javascript navigation system instead of the hated flash.
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Actually if you click on the pictures (the thumbnails) while one is large, it just shrinks the current one and enlarges the one you clicked on. At least that is how it worked for me and to shrink the one you are looking at you click it again. So I guess this interface was pretty easy for me to use. Could've been more explicit, but it was straightforward for me in particular. not saying I'm better, just that it did work fine for someone.
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A lot of those shots have been replicated elsewhere... but the last set was cool.
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Very cool. One of the photos makes me want to listen to Rush's Fly By Night
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Hm. And here I enjoyed seeing something that didn't have rounded edges and dropshadows everywhere.

The shattering cassette player caught my eye. Not entirely sure why. ... My, those are fly.

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