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You all remember the song from Sesame Street, but you've never heard it like this: one two three FOUR FIIIVE six seven EIGHT NIIINE TEN eleven TWELVE! (via). Se7en!
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There is also a Venetian Snares remix by the way but I forget what album/comp it is from.
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First the boy puts the Ma na ma na song in my head, and now this. I'm going to have the trippiest dreams tonight.
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I have to say, although it's a lot of neat stuff, the overwhelming reaction I have is man, it's pretty damn tough to beat the Pointer Sisters.
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I played the Neil Cowley trio one straight from the website, and it's really good. Which is lucky, because it won't stop playing. I closed the tab, but it just keeps going. I liked it best the first 8 times, but now it's starting to grate on me. Time to restart firefox...
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Orrrr... it was just playing in a pop-under window that I hadn't noticed. How embarassing.
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I like the idea, just because it's such a fun song. But I got burnt out after listening to three of them. (The Neil Cowley one was the best.)

I'd like to see an album of covers of a variety of the counting songs from Sesame Street. Especially the one with the numbers flying at you, and the baker falling down a staircase while balancing an armful of desserts. Or the Jazzy Spies.

Thanks, Astro Zombie! (waving to the sky)
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Previously on Metafilter... although I couldn't even 'count' (type) to eight without messing it up.
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This is so totally worth it for the link to the goofball (I use the term affectionately) with almost 300 videos on YouTube of himself dancing (I use the term affectionately, but loosely) in public places. His taste in music is impeccable.
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These are great! Though I was hoping to find a cover that sounded a bit different ... I don't know, something rock-ish or hardcore or something. And that ska cover really, really annoyed me, for some reason.

Oh, wait! It's because ska really, really annoys me.
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here is the Venetian Snares remix of Twelve

not so exciting in the end...
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The true Sesame Street counting song is "The Ladybugs' Picnic": ONE TWO three, FOUR FIVE six, SEVEN EIGHT nine, TEN 'LEVEN twelve.

Warning: It is responsible for the fact that, at the age of 21, I still always count by threes, not by pairs. Don't blame me if this song makes a freak out of you, too.
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Odd meter!

And I've remembered the theme since I was a wee lad. Another song that stuck is "aleph-bet-vet, aleph-bet-vet, gimel-dalet-hey...", the song for learning the Hebrew alphabet. Still remember most of it.
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Maybe because I'm all excited about season 5, but the music and imagery in the SE7EN mashup felt like a promo for The Wire.
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I just looked this up about a week and a half ago, but I just didn't post it on MeFi.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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This user is out of bandwidth

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No thanks- I'll pass on the Quicktime, thank you.
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