A week-long diary by The Economist's obituaries editor
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I don't know what other people’s first thoughts may be on Monday mornings; but mine, as the jabber of my husband’s radio crawls into my dreams, is “Has anyone died today?” So began a week-long diary by The Economist's obituaries editor, Ann Wroe, which she completed today.
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Ann Wroe recently published a biography of Percy Bysshe Shelley in the UK called Being Shelley which comes out in the US in late August.
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This is why I love the Economist whilst hating the the Economist.
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There was a nice bit on the 'on our website' page in one of the recent print editions. In a story talking about the new audio version it said you could either listen to the whole magazine in one chunk, or by story, so you could skip right to the obituary, 'as we suspect most of our readers do.'

I may not always agree with their politics, but I love my Economist subscription.
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Great link, thanks.
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That's excellent. Thanks, Kattullus.
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I enjoyed that--thanks for the link.
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God, Ann Wroe's writing is so incredibly, fantastically good that it makes me want to get famous and then kill myself so she will write an obituary about me.

She's easily better than 95% of currently fashionable highbrow novelists.
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It takes me at least ten hours to read the Economist each week, and I read the obituary as dessert. Great post.
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The New York Times put out a book of their obituaries as well; I think it was called "The Last Word." They also had a recent Q&A with their obits writers. I had no idea those sections of newspapers were so popular. I've never been one to read obituaries, but after looking at this link, I think I might start.
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