Northern Ireland: Operation Banner Ends
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Operation Banner [Wikipedia], the British Armed Forces' campaign in Northern Ireland that began in 1969, ended midnight on July 31, 2007. The period included Bloody Sunday in which 13 civilians were killed by the British Army. The Guardian have published a summary of significant events (and one going further back). In pictures: Guardian, BBC.
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Further back? 1688? Barely scratching the surface. 1641: Irish Rebellion - Catholics kill Protestants. 16th Century: Tudor re-conquest of Ireland - Protestants kill Catholics. All stemming from the 12th Century Norman invasions, sanctified by the Pope. See? It's all the fault of the French! Who are really Danes.

For foreign readers: the BBC (centrist) is ambivalent towards British involvement in Northern Ireland, the Guardian (left-wing) is generally against it. For the British right-wing viewpoint, check out The Telegraph. Also, check out the name for the town of Londonderry/Derry: the former is usually used by those sympathetic to the British cause, the latter by Republicans. Of course, it's all very much more complicated than that. It's one of those places which make you wonder if we'd really be better off if people knew their history...
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quonsar, for example, supports the Republican movement. If I wrote "No Surrender!" then I would be a Unionist, possibly an Orangeman. It's all terribly Byzantine.

But McDonalds never funded the IRA. That much is clear!
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I think this is pretty awesome, and maybe gives hope for other "troubles" around the world.

Maybe people can eventually let go of past grievances, and act a little bit bigger and cleverer.
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I've always been interested by the attitude of some American s I know who criticised English settlement of Ireland (as in get out, give it back) but didn't feel the same about English settlement of America. Anyway, glad it is over.
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Tiocfaidh ár lá, quonsar.
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Am looking out there window here in Belfast - so far all is quiet.
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So, back during the troubles, a nice Irish lad runs into church, goes into the confessional, and says, "Forgive me, father, for I have sinned. I have just blown up two hundred miles of British railroad track."

Long silence. "Father, did ye hear me? Is my transgression so bad you're speechless?"

"No, my son. For penance, go back and blow up the stations."

Thank you! Try the corned beef!
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I hope I'm not too late but according to the BBC, two on duty RUC officers just died when their armoured Land Rover ran into a tree....

The IRA say they planted it.

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Maybe people can eventually let go of past grievances, and act a little bit bigger and cleverer.

Absolutely but with idiots still spouting "Tiocfaidh ár lá" and "No Surrender" the old stereotypes will be hard to get rid of.

Northern Ireland sorely needs a new identity. Enough with the Nationalism on both sides. It's just a poison keeping thugs in control.

Northern Ireland is one of the most amazing places on this planet, nicest people in spite of it all. We deserve a break.
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