Doesn't quite look to be a Chu-Chu Rocket, but...
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The Japanese Trailer to Kokoro Scan. Japanese game trailers always seem pretty interesting and fun. And, well, most often more-or-less nonsensical. This is for the new game Kokoro Scan, which, um, looks like it might be a dating sim of some sort? Maybe? The animation and segues are pretty interesting, and, though it's 6 minutes -- awfully long for a trailer, particularly one sans any gameplay (I think) -- it's interesting/off-the-wall enough to be engaging. What do cartoon nipples, pixellated white things and bananas have in common? (via)
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I just saw this a few minutes ago on Kotaku and got good laugh out of it.

Apparently, the game uses the DS mic to analyze your voice and read your mind/heart accordingly (not sure what any of that has to do with nipples or bananas though).
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mr sparkles?
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I didn't realize that rubbing your shoulder while masturbating had any affect. I learned something today.

If you stick with it, there's an awesome segment at around 3:30 where the song breaks into an extended guitar solo, during which the bear plays along on an acoustic. And I thought to myself, "Now there's a character that Guitar Hero II needs!"
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I suspect there is no real game and that the Flaming Lips are somehow behind this.
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What do cartoon nipples, pixellated white things and bananas have in common?

Hm ... let me try a few guesses:
At one time or another, all three have been up my ass.
You can't make a proper naughty cake without all three.
All three are names of Brian Eno songs.
All three appear in Tom of Finland cartoons.
All three are names of anarchist groups protesting the World Bank.
"Cartoon Nipples, Pixillated White Things, and Bananas" is the name of the next Gregg Araki film.
Any of three three will do for a boutonniere in a pinch.
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That bear can shred like a mofo. I love Japan.
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... and this, children, is why you should not take LSD. Years later, you can find yourself creating inexplicably bad game trailers and posting them on teh Intarweb...
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Gotta love the transvestite at the end, hugging a teddy bear. I understand I come from a different culture and all that goodness, but damn.... that was beyond bizzare and into the realm of "pyschotic break from reality".
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The tune was catchy.
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Catchy tune, but not enough weirdness. Come on, Japan, you can do better!
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The out of place bear! The pink! The song! The zooming into the nipple and crotch! A banana that I thought might be two characters having sex! Fantastic, every bit of it.
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