Skylines Carved Into Currency
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Australian art student Nicholas Manion has hit upon a clever idea: delicately cut paper currency forming the skyline of major cities. Via.
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Neat. Im not real into NY though... too bad states don't have their own currency. Something like this on license plates maybe?
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I want to like this, but really it's kind of lame as far as 'art' goes. Really, if someone want to do this, a cutting laser would work better and do more amazing things.

It seems to me more artists currently are trying to fit into the "no one else did this minor effort before, so therefore it's art". I know some people will say that it is indeed art, and that art cannot be defined. But unfortunately they aren't able to say what ISN'T art either, so the case can be made that everything is. With the inclusion of "found art", even natural works become an aspect of the art world.

FWIW, I say this as someone who absolutely loves a great deal of art...I just don't think all that is currently called art should be.
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Kickstart70 -- I have shellacked a plate of beans. Is it art?
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ah, Delightful jonson. His work is charming, simple, clean and beautiful. Miniature zen skylines. Nice idea using currency.

"If you lived in Brisbane, you may have come across one already, left in a bus shelter or pinned to a notice board for people to find and treasure. I hope you'll treasure these surprising little works of art too."

He has an etsy store where his work sells from $5 and up.
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Mr Manion should focus his art on communities such as Mongolian desert nomads, the tribal peoples of the pre-colonial North American plains, or modern-day Oceania.
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Kickstart70: Why can't it be art, but just not very good art?
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I'd rather see an Eiffel Tower created with this technique. It blows my mind.
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papakwanz: you hit the nail on the head. I hate it when people think art they don't like is "not art" while things they do are. Just because you don't like it doesn't make it not art, it makes it bad art TO YOU.
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