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The Michael Showalter Showalter (Starring Michael Showalter) WARNING: CONTENTS MAY INCLUDE ADS, YOUTUBE, AND CATS
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They're all at College Humor here. Which I found out because the David Cross episode had bad audio sync for me @ youtube. Very much enjoying these. I love Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, The State... everything I've ever seen from Showalter, maybe? Just now discovering that "The Baxter" exists. Putting it on a list.
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I watched these the other day, myself. The Ammy Sandbar one was my favorite, or no, maybe the Paul Rudd one.

The State, which still isn't available on DVD. I can't get over that bullshit ruination. Here's a torrent that everyone should download. It so stands up.
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You can download episodes of the state on Xbox Live now. I watched one for the first time the other day and enjoyed it. Thanks for the post, I'm going to check this out.
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Oh man, and with Zach Galifianakis, even! This is great.
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Do you have to be in college to think this is funny? 'Cause I'm not...and it wasn't.
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Who is Michael Showalter? I'm lost
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The State comes out on DVD October 10th. Also, go see the Ten by David Wain. And, watch Wainy Days.
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Do you have to be in college to think this is funny? 'Cause I'm not...and it wasn't.

Yeah, that's probably it. Maybe you should enroll.

I think the Paul Rudd one was my favorite.
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The Zach Galifianakis interview is easily... EASILY the best.

Thanks for this.
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You can watch episodes of The State at one of those places we don't talk about.
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College student here. On first viewing I was not particularly thrilled, but I'll try again later.
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I imagine it wouldn't be as funny if you're not familiar with the work of all of these people. Speaking of which, I loved Dog Bites Man.
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It's hip to not be pleased by anything.

(I heart Mike Show)
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Is this a thread about how god-awful the kerning is in the title of that show? No? It should be.
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Ahh I love The State and its alums. I'd love to find the ollld "You Wrote It, You Watch It" skits from MTF, acted out by The State (before The State TV show) and hosted by Jon Stewart. That's got to be surreal to watch now.
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Oh my god the Galifianakis one is hysterical. Thanks for this. I've been a huge fan of The State and every thing they've all done since then that I've heard about since the show originally aired. One of the best jobs I've ever had in my life was working with Michael Ian Black. I love these guys.
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jesusfuckenchrist I wish there were a way for me to express my deep and undying love for Mike Sho and the rest of The State crew. I'd give good money for a DVD of the low quality episodes residing on my hard drive.
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