Creepy Deepies
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27 deep sea fish you've (probably) never seen. Creatures you haven't likely netted lately, as listed by the Bounty Fishing blog.
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Weirdly I've posted the exact same images as some of these in the Cthulhu Watch thread over on the 2000ad messageboard. I guess their fishy evil is apparent to all.
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Those creepy-looking freaks are why I spend as little time as possible at the bottom of the ocean.
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Well, you can just rock me to sleep tonight, jumbo...
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Yeah so... maybe I'm not so upset about never being able to scuba dive. Because those things freak me the Hell out. Thanks for the nightmares, buddy.
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27 deep sea fish you've (probably) never seen.

Except for here perhaps. Or here.
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Those are some freaky-lookin' creatures. Fascinating, though. I wish they'd give more details about them (although I realize that there might be a way I can access some sort of network of computers and be able to search for this information).
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If you're looking in the deep sea, no it's not likely that you'll find the mudskipper.
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Wait, Lionfish?

Really? Do these writers never go to stores that sell saltwater fish? Same with Clown Triggerfish.

And Mantis shrimp are evil mother-fuckers. They are known as thumb-splitters in the saltwater aquarist community because of their ability do serious damage to your hand when you reach in the tank.

And how can you have a list like this without including the Vampyroteuthis infernalis or "vampire squid from hell"?
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That frill shark video is pretty crazy. 1) it's prehistoric and terrifying, 2) that guy's just swimming around it!
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Pollomacho, go away. Any opportunity to be reminded of this crazy shit is a good opportunity.
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Mantis shrimp are pretty cool/freaky, but if you want to see a freaky shrimp, look no further than the Pistol Shrimp.
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Unfortunately, we see lionfish all along the US east coast Gulf Stream up through North Carolina.

FWIW, They are predator fish that occupy the same position as native fish such as grouper. Marine biologists at first could not believe they were here, since they aren’t native and we only saw a few. (Some of the first cites were about 3 or 4 yrs ago.) Now they are extremely prevalent. It’s thought that they may have escaped from an aquarium during one of the Florida hurricanes and proliferated along the Gulf Stream.

Of course, some of the creatures are truely deep sea, and nicely featured in the Nemo animation. (which actually got the "attitudes" of many of the sea creatures spot-on.)
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Lumpfish, FTW!
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Those are great pictures. I can't wait for the LOLfish
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Wolffish/Ocean Catfish is hardly rare and certainly delicious. Seen it, caught it, cut it and sold it by the pound.
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I wonder if they're yummy?
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I think the Lumpfish is a hoax.

Clearly, someone decapitated an alien and photographed the head.
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kuujjuarapik - you've sold wolffish, but have you tried it?

And, does it taste like chicken? Something that ugly just would not go past my lips...
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I can't wait for the LOLfish

I can see the captions now:

"Cthulhufish ... will awaik wen teh starz r rite."

"I can has humn solz?"
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Tell them I hate them

/ Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth'd!
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Waiter, I'll have the fangtooth fish, please.
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That lumpfish looks like Marlon Brando.
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Lizard fish are cool, I did not know they had a deep variety.
Their meat is greenish when raw and so full of bones it is hard to eat.
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kuujjuarapik, mightshould a - I've had something that was labeled "Wolffish" (frozen) but I'm not entirely certain that it was. The stuff I had had white flesh, not a lot of texture (it was kinda crumbly - the muscle fibres were on the short side) and didn't have a very strong taste. A *little* bit fishy, but blandly so, and in not-so-good of a way.
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Pollomacho, go away.

ORthey, although the tone of his comment was snarky, I think that may not have been his intention, since the links he provided were not a double of this one, but to lots and lots of other sites like this one.

On topic, this is fascinating. The deep ocean is such a strange and wonderful place. I wonder what the source for these pictures and information is?
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I've got it. It was there, not so long ago. Thanks for these pictures, always great to discover new life forms. Thanks especially for the Axolotl.
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Is it just me, or does the Deep-Sea Lizardfish look disturbingly like Marilyn Manson?
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From the comments:
sorry, but the picture that you have used to illustrate the “fangtooth” is actually of a deep-sea anglerfish (in fact, it’s a female with a parasitic male attached).

Well, ew.

I have actually seen a few of these beasties in person, most likely at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The Leafy Sea Dragon was one of them- that's something that almost makes me want to have a saltwater tank.
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The Axolotl reminds me of a troll doll.
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I've seen all of these. Then I saw the Ring.
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uri, the lumpfish is far worse than a hoax. Not only is it real^, and really disturbing, but it's also a prime source of one of the most revolting foodstuffs humanity has ever paid far too much for.
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mightshould & porpoise-
Yes, wolffish/ocean catfish is great to eat. It is white with a very meaty texture due to the very close "herringbone" like pattern of its muscle. And like all fish, it tastes of both what it eats and the water it live in. As you can see from the photo, they have these big goofy buck teeth that they use to crush things they find on the bottom, like lobsters, crabs and shellfish. Makes the fish taste extra good. I'd eat Ocean catfish over cod anyday, and I love fresh cod.
But the fish really is so ugly and covered in heavy mucous that looks like snot and feels like, well snot mixed with a little cornstarch or something. And it's hard to cut and skin. These things probably explain why it was only a chowder fish until about 10-15 years ago.
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Yeah, the lumpfish looks straight out of Dr Who.
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kuujjuarapik - thanks! (dousing slimey ocean-things with cornstarch [cheap!] then washing it away with cool water is a generally great way of getting rid of the slimey stuff, btw - it's a great way to prep oysters before steaming them).

Maybe the freezing process did bad things to the wolffish or what I had was mislabeled. The muscle pattern was very similar to what you describe, though.

I *love* bottomsucking fish because of of the deeper earthy flavour. (Heh, people around here prefer light-coloured talupa so darker skinned (and slightly more flavourful [could be a placebo effect]) talupa is cheaper by the pound. =) The wolffish that I had - definitely didn't have bottom-sucking flavour.

Chinese Cantonese cuisine places a culinary premium on bottom-dwelling fish (well, the talupa thing is a strange exception); in my experience, most Western people have value judgements against eating bottom-feeders...
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Do not want.

But while we're on the subject of Dr. Who, I think the lumpfish reminds me more of the Face of Boe.
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Lion Fish? Seen them. Not afraid of divers? Well, no, but then, neither are most of the fish in the same habitat, perhaps because the divers mainly just admire them.

Clown Triggerfish? Seen them. Same place as the Lion Fish. Plentiful at under 12 meters down, semi-tropical Indian Ocean.

Not sure why those are on such a list, actually. Nice photos though. Always up for some sea weirdness.
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I guess I'll be seeing them soon on my plate.

I remember one episode of Rick Stein's show. He went to one local fish market where the fish were predominantly dredged up from the bottom of the North Sea. The fish were ugly, inedible and unappetising. They were peddled as delicacies or fish meal depending on the appropraite market.
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No, no, Orthey, you misunderstand. MeFi loves wierd fish like it loves a hole in the ground. That's not an insult, we really like holes in the ground around here!
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ALLRIGHT!!! kuujjuarapik and porpoise. I am all set to gross out unsuspecting people if I ever get a chance to catch/eat/skin the wolffish.... Does sound like our local river catfish, but tastier since they are-what-they-eat...Course, I have a hard time eating something that has eyes...

Yes, and I too am always happy to see underwater creatures! (while they last)
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Tons of Mantis Shrimp info and pictures here
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If Kuato and Krang mated = Lumpfish
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kkokkodalk: Have the Lumpfish inherited their daddy's gift for song?
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