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Isotown might be just another isometric pixel art urban setting lovingly rendered in MS Paint, but it has its own civic history in comic strip form. via
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But really, if they were going for realism then Ian's house should have been immediately bulldozed and replaced by a 500 unit track home project surrounded by stripmalls.
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the ytmnd animation of issues 1-136 is a good way of getting up to speed, but you do miss the gripping story-line.
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i like the animation a bunch. individually, the comics are a bit like watching hair grow.
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No 130 Quote: Also, I've made my decision that Isotown will pursue a more interesting and fun growth pattern. So sit tight.

Whoa there fella! I've already got a nosebleed from the speed that things have been moving up to now.

I think this project is an interesting idea and one that (as joe's spleen says) is lovingly rendered, but I don't think I would ever have the patience to check back on a regular basis just to see if the construction crew have fixed the crack in the parking lot.

Fans of true isometric pixel art (and of realism) should avoid reading 161/2/3/4/5
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Wow, have RSS feed not been invented in your country yet carbon?
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I wonder if this guy is an urban planner. This sounds like something I'd do in my spare time.
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I find this a little...disturbing...somehow.
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