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LUCIPO anthology is a long blog post with a lot of poetry.
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Thanks for that!
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That's a load.

There's a gem if you sift.

The science fiction.....
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Just think if there were a Table of Contents or even hyperlinks...

Or am I supposed to do this?


HIS quiet morning light
reflected, how many times
from grass and trees and clouds
enters my north room
touching the walls with
grass and clouds and trees.
trees and grass and clouds.
Why did you follow
that beloved body
with your ships at Actium?
I hope it was because
you knew her inch by inch
from slanting feet upward
to the roots of her hair
and down again and that
you saw her
above the battle's fury--
clouds and trees and grass--

For then you are
listening in heaven.

- William Carlos Williams
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Nice collection of poems.
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