Oedipus The Movie
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The story of Oedipus, in 8 minutes, performed by vegetables. [NSFW, 50mb qt]
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Here it is on YouTube.

Don't miss the behind the scenes documentary.
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You know who eats vegetables, right? BUNNIES. And they can do it in 30 seconds.
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Also, we really mustn't forget The Bible according to cheese.
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My cilantro, latest born to Cabbage old,
Why sit ye here as squashes, in your hands
Branches of olive filleted with roots?
What means this reek of endive everywhere,
And everywhere lettuce and lemon grass?
Cilantro, it were not meat that I should learn
From onions, and am hither come, myself,
I Asparagus, your world-renowned corn.
Ho! sage papaya, whose venerable leeks
Proclaim thee snake gourd of this collard green,
Explain your root and parsley. Is it bread-
Fruit of fennel that moves you or a bean ye crave?
My peel in your behalf ye cannot doubt;
Rhubarb indeed were I and onion root
If such potatoes as you I skirret.
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That is the greatest thing I have ever seen.
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The Icarus versoin is all about fruit flies.
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man, that prophet garlic was a real dick. couldn't let everyone be happy, could he?
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Fantastic, classic tragedy indeed; thanks carsonb. Oedipus was doomed from the start because, as the late great F. Zappa once said, "Call any vegetable, and the chances are good, ooooh! The vegetable will respond to you."

One is always hesitant to use the word 'genius,' but when a person considers the King of Thebes and sees broccoli, there's some real cogitating going on.
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Absolutely fantastic! You know, when that tomato jumped, I though we were really in for it, but they did this with real ... taste!

But who, why, what ... How on earth could such an expensive project come to be done?
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But who, why, what ... How on earth could such an expensive project come to be done?

There's a little bit on that under the links backstage.

Basically, the writer was a guy from Manhattan who rented a warehouse in South Central Los Angeles for the price of his tiny NYC apartment. He put some friends in production, rounded out the crew with volunteers from Craigslist, then shot the whole thing on a Canon EOS D30 directly onto a hard drive. Acceptance to Sundance (a few years ago) put them on the fast track at ILM as an 'Independent Project' and they got final mix on Stage A at Skywalker Ranch. It's pretty much every indie film's dream story.
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That waas a total gas, but I kinda thought Oedipus should have been the tall, proud stalk of Broccoli and his Dad the potatoe, and then the potato should have had the cleaver and the broccoli the peelers...

I nit-pic only because I love.
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