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Why stop at one great undiscovered site when you can have 100? PC Magazine released its top 100 undiscovered websites for 2007 which you can view as a slideshow or download as bookmarks. There are some cool new sites that would be postworthy in themselves, such as: Footnote, which has digitized millions of national archive documents; WebsiteGrader, which automatically tells you how good your website is (MeFi gets a 98%); Rentometer, which compares your rent to others in the neighborhood; and Yapta, which lets you take advantage of airline policies that refund part of your ticket when prices drop. Many others have been covered on the blue, but are still worth revisiting such as OldVersions.com for finding software before the bloat, the video how-to site VideoJug, and Zamzar for conversion between file formats. If you can't get enough, check out the 100 classic websites.
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I should point out, since I don't want it to get buried among the other links, that Footnote is insanely cool. They essentially digitize the national archive, and then let interested people annotate and point out useful things. Thus, the check that paid for Alaska and a photograph of a 1944 radar scope view of the D-Day invasion.
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footnote is amazing and totally needed, but why are they charging???

national archive stuff is free, no? (or at least we pay for it and to maintain the archive, no?)
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I'm so coming back to explore this when I have more time.
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Wow, Footnote IS cool. This is a super resource for me since I recently started a history blog. Awesome.
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People still read Fake Steve jobs?
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Eew, Zamzar? Only after they start offering immediate downloads, instead of emailing me the link and telling me to click my way to my email inbox first. (Yes, it's probably two clicks total and I'm a total lazybones)
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Footnote = Classmates.com . Good idea, godawful execution.
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(Derail: I've never signed up for classmates.com as it just isn't important for me...but I enjoy poking around in there, nonetheless. So I use a fake name. A juvenile fake name. Imagine my delight in finding at least 20 other people in my class of 350 or so doing the same. Never have so many Richard Heads, Michael Hunts, etc. got together in one place.

Thing I don't understand is why my classmates look so old. And nothing makes you lose your lingering fantasy about someone from your old school than reading "Kids: Six children.")

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Yay Videojug!
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footnote is amazing and totally needed, but why are they charging???

Footnote has a deal going right now where you can browse everything free for a week. Apparently you have to give up a credit card number and then set yourself a reminder to cancel at the end, but it sounds cool enough to be worth the trouble.
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MeFi gets a 98%

They obviously did their rating when I wasn't logged in.
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From the MetaFilter rating:

Readability Level : 5th Grade

This score measures the approximate level of education necessary to read and understand the web page content.

I, for one, abjure their determination of the didactic emlevellment with respect to the hermeneutics herein.
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So does your Mom.
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Just to let you know WebsiteGrader is a marketing tool for the company hubspot. They will start to call and email you if you enter your email into their "tool".
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Footnote should have a plan for members, such that if you contribute enough comments or annotations, you get free access to everything.
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Footnote looks pretty neat, but I deplore the fact that the most popular item is "The US Government not alone in covering up UFOs." GROW UP PEOPLE!
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WebsiteGrader tells you for free what some SEOs would charge you hundreds of dollars for.

I'm a DIY person so prefer having a tool than having some "consultant" tell me what I should be doing.
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That's where I first heard about metafilter.
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Let me be the first to comment on Slacker Radio. Better than Pandora, the artists you load are the artists they play, totally cool. Anyone else use this? (Yeah, I know, check the Green...)
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Although I wouldn't consider myself much of a health-nut, I often go to World's Healthiest Foods for great detailed information on what I'm eating, healthy recipes, etc.
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Never have so many Richard Heads, Michael Hunts, etc. got together in one place.

I don't remember a Floppy Ballstein from my graduating class.

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Unfortunately, Slacker Personal Radio is currently only available in the United States.

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