Our man in Helmand
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From the frontline, Afghanistan. Vaughan Smith is spending time in the thick of it with his old regiment, the Grenadier Guards, on their tour of Helmand (he also looks in on other British Army units and the Afghan National Army they are mentoring). An old friend in Kabul is pessimistic about keeping the Taliban at bay permanently, but troops at a forward operating base are business-like or even cheerful despite regular contact with Taliban fighters.
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They're no longer fighting enormous formations of Taliban like they were last year, which might make the happier. And for all the plans to eradicate all of Helmand's crops, it'll not be the British squaddies driving up in a tractor to do it, but the poor old Afghan National Army.
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Excellent footage.
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See also Declan Walsh who reports for the Guardian; and speaking here on multimedia journalism.
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Great, favorited, subscribed, thanks, etc. :D
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