All browsers spy on Rome
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Wiki City Rome - "anyone with an Internet connection will be able to see a unique map of the Italian capital that shows the movements of crowds, event locations, the whereabouts of well-known Roman personalities, and the real-time position of city buses and trains."
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Hm, too late to fly to Rome for the festivities unfortunately.
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Jesus, if this jpg's not just a mock up, Totti's gonna end up in his skivvies again.

This was on Mefi last year when it was on display in Venice, so it's nice to see the further developements. Hope they have some backups & redundant power sources just in case the Notte Bianca isn't so bianca

The wiki 'where anybody can download and upload data that are location and time sensitive' is interesting, but the bullshit detectors started firing "at deploying developments of the 'Web 2.0' and the 'Semantic Web". I know it's MIT, and thus there's probably some nifty stuff behind the buzzwords, but...ack, pet peeve.

And being ever so slightly paranoid, I'd also like to know more about this 'tracking person X' feature. 'Cause I'm totally gonna stalk Cannavaro next time he's in the capital a bit concerned about privacy issues.
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I tried to find a Gracchi mob, but alas, no luck.
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