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Maps new and old. Music maps - Find out who is listening to what and where l Cool Google Maps - Who knew maps could be fun? l Subway maps on five continents l Free printable world map and blank maps l Free Clustr Maps - Locate all site visitors. l Index of some users of WorldKit - Easy web mapping (including the excellent and previously mentioned, RSOE HAVARIA Emergency and Disaster Information Service) l Number of Inhabitants Per Doctor around the world l And some beautiful antique, old and vintage maps, such as this one of the names of the Mediterranean winds in five languages.

Map links previously posted in MetaFilter.
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With Americans like Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007 ...maps definitely fall on deaf eyes.
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Chicago's Festival Of Maps kicked off this week, I believe.
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"Who knew maps could be fun?" What the hell kind of a question is that? Imagine having such an impoverished sense of curiosity that you never felt that maps were fun.
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Interesting music map. The Beatles sure are popular. Enya is big in Nigeria--who knew? Check out Iraq if you want to see what the American armed forces are listening to.
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Yeah hydrophonic, isn't that map interesting? I think the Beatles are used around the world to learn English as well. Check out what's hot in Iran: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Anathema, Celine Dion...what a combo. Since I have no idea who the Iranian top of the pops is, Hayedeh, I can google that to hear what they sound like on YouTube. Or Keripatih in Indonesia. etc. I like the geography-music mashup.
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So, According to Gracenote Central America is now in North America and Belize no longer exists. Hmmm.

It's a cool and interesting thing, though.
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Someone tell me that there's a software bug which is causing Linkin Park to be listed in the top 10 of every country on the map...please...
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Agreed, waaaaaaay too much Linkin Park on that list. They suck globally... what's the deal?

Amazing to see how some albums that have come and gone here are in the current top 10. Backstreet Boys are still considerably famous in China, "Confessions On A Dance Floor" is doing well in Germany.

James Blunt and Jack Johnson cling to the bottom of the Canadian album chart, oh man.
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...and the Pixies are in the top 10 of Afghanistan.

Hell yeah, mission accomplished.
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You know that Linkin Park thing, that it's top of the pops in so many countries seemed damn fishy to me too. So I put "Linkin Park" into Google Video and was pretty amazed how many videos there are with five stars. Just tons of them. 9 pages in it's still five stars for every video...huh.
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I really liked the maps of the metro systems. I like how stylized and schematic the maps are.
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Copies of Linkin Park's debut sold: 24,000,000
Seconds of a Linkin Park song I can stand: 10
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WikiMapia is cool, although sometimes slow loading. Basically, it allows for user-entered content regarding locations around the world. Pretty neat.
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Mmmmm... I love me some maps.
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It's good to see that Israel and Saudi Arabia are united in their love for the Beatles.
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