Brit's fans follow suit?
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Britney's FANS crazier than even her? An end to the argument at last. Rife with link, comments, videos, and crazy bible talk.

Er, wait, she's not the only one. Ashley Simpson. Michael Richards. Isiah Washington. Drew Barimore. Kanye West. Miss USA (wannabes). Axl Rose makes sense, but Tommy?
Jerry Lewis. The list goes on and on....
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This post was deleted for the following reason: this is tawdy, weird, cinfusing and not at all the sort of stuff that makes a good post for metafilter. -- jessamyn

All fans are crazy, but that's what makes them enjoyable.
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I don't understand the Britney Suicide Watch website. Why are they expecting her to buy the farm in 137 days? Are her fans supposed to be helping her by stopping her suicide, or are they meant to keep her going until she's hit the right date? "Eye of the tiger, Brit-Brit! We know you can be punctual if you really try!"
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This is really weird. I don't know who comes off looking worse - those who hate Spears' music and what she stands for in pop culture, or those who want to extend their schadenfreude moments to the extreme - all at the espense of a clearly mentally ill woman.

Look, I think Brittney Spears' music SUCKS, and could care less about the details of her life, and all the crapola that people waste time on regarding her latest crisies, or four.

That said, the woman is clearly suffering from href="">mental illness.

In case you don't know, mental illness HURTS; that's what drives some ofo its sufferers to drastic acts, bizarre behavior, and sometimes (tragically) suicide.

She's clearly a sick person. Show her some sympathy, and have pity on those who are so self-identified with her that they themselves don't have enough of a life to empathize with those who are in pain and in close proximity with them every day.

Also, some of her fans are probably mentally ill as well (this is true of a subset of any wel-known-person's fans, because mental illness isn't selective to certain groups).

How about spending time on educating people about the ravages of mental illness, instead of mocking those in the limelight who are clearly mentally ill.
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No fans... and I repeat NO FANS... are crazier than Clay Aikens devotees. Those Claymates are a bloodthirsty mob, I tell you.
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I meant to say that she's suffering from mental illness
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Axl Rose makes sense

First and last time these 4 words, in this order and unquoted, appear on MetaFilter?
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That said, the woman is clearly suffering from mental illness.

And all this time I thought she was just a drugged up boozed up starlet lacking sense and having too much money. Now I know, and she has my sympathy. Truly her life is so hard.
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If by "mentally ill" you mean "a no-talent redneck with a pill problem and an ego the size of all outdoors", then yes, she is mentally ill.
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I'm not sure I get it. But I want to say I like Britney Spears, though I haven't seen much of her in a long time. I hope she's doing well.
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And all this time I thought she was just a drugged up boozed up starlet lacking sense and having too much money.

When you put it that, Britney, where have you been all my life?!
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I have deep sympathies for mentally ill people; I've seen it and it isn't pretty. That said, when did every single fuckup in the world become mentally ill? Isn't it possible just to be a fuckup?
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Y'all know that new single rocks though right?
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Well, since "fan" is short for fanatic, does it really surprise anyone that they're on the fast train to crazyville? Especially since they'll probably get to meet their idol there?

As for whether or not Brit-Brit is mentally ill, I'm not a health professional, so I couldn't say. It sure seems like she's got some issues, either way. Deserving of sympathy maybe, but beyond that, this has no real affect on my life aside from the media bombardment.
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That said, the woman is clearly suffering from mental illness.

Thanks for the diagnosis, Dr. Armchair. Isn't it on about the same level (as these fans) to psychoanalyze a celebrity based off of tabloid rag sound bites? The matter-of-fact tone is very off-putting.
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We can thank the makers of well-built, safe and secure automobiles for the continued presence and public decline of Britney Spears and others like her. Many decades ago, on a fairly regular basis, crazy drunken stars exploded in the night like bottle rockets in their speedy and sporty automobiles which were nothing more than death traps. Now they tool around in tank-like vehicles crushing weaker cars and pedestrians while they grow older and nastier and skankier. *shudder*
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Wow! Britney Spears, what a concept!
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I can't even believe you all are even talking about her.
Considering all the stuff that got shot down for discussion last week.
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I've always thought it would be great if the Cult of Celebrity were all a giant inside joke. That the celebs and the tabloids were all working together to keep this giant secret soap opera running.

I can just picture Britney coordinating with the paper:

"Ok, I'm going to shave my head and look really burned out next week. Try and get some shots from my left. And let's see if we can get Brad and Angelina to look a bit miffed at one another, between the three of us, we should keep the cover for a week to ten days. After that, Paris and the Olsens need to take a couple of shifts."
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Me thinks I hate her...but with the sound off on her video...
she makes my 3rd leg wiggle.
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Claymates are the worse. Poor delusional housefraus with absolutely no gaydar at all. Each and every one of them is convinced he just needs to find the right woman and will rip to shreds anyone that even suggests that Clay's interests lay elsewhere.
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MetaMan, are you suggesting that we leave Britney alone?
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HOnestly, I can't tell if its a joke or not.... but clearly neither can her fans.
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Flagged as low culture. This is the worst of the web.
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But I want to say I like Britney Spears, though I haven't seen much of her in a long time.

Unfortunately, the rest of us have seen all of her lately. And it's not a pretty picture.
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Offensive Content does not even come close.

Why do you hate MeFi, fatclatslimjim? When you close your eyes and slide your oily digits across the gloss coated National Enquirer does it make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Good, leave that to yourself and your grandmother.
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Spending your time making a Britney suicide-watch website makes you pretty much as class-free as Britney herself.
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When this girl was 17, and - as far as any of us know - a virgin and a sincere Christian, I would each day receive email promising images of her having sex with everything from mules to grandfathers. Imagine yourself in high school, learning that overnight someone had taken a magic marker and scrawled your name and phone number and testimony of your fondness for lusty servicing on every bathroom stall in the English comprehending world. You get upset, tell your parents, refuse to return to school, so now the principal has called an assembly in the gym, and when you walk out on stage everyone - all the jocks and the cheerleaders and the geeks and the drama kids and the music kids and the teachers and the parents and the old boyfriends (there's that smooth talking one who turned out to be a drug dealer) and their new girlfriends and the secretaries and the custodians and the old men in minivans who honk as you walk to school in the morning in your uniform with the shirt knotted tightly under your full young breasts and Christina, fucking Christina - is out there laughing at you. And as soon as a tear falls down your face they all shout back: BUT LOOK AT YOUR LIFE! LOOK AT ALL YOU HAVE! LOOK AT ALL YOUR MONEY! She'd have to be built of something stronger than all of us combined, and she appears not to be.
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some delve into the pop muck (which i very much do), some poopoo those who do, some do neither, and most here are having fun talking about it one way or the other. i think spending my time on this celebrity culture is terrible really. my worst habit (since giving up cigarettes.)
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I don't pay much attention to tabloid nonsense, but it's hard not to read the covers of magazines while I'm in the checkout line at the supermarket. I hate being exposed to this garbage, but when Britney shaved her head I thought, "Oh, good, maybe she's trying to escape the machine that's been dictating her every move since she was a child. Good for her." Sadly, if it was an attempt at escape, it didn't last long.

I have no love for her, nor do I wish her ill. It's just not fun watching anybody get dragged through the muck for little or no reason.
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To be honest I was sorta hoping that the headshaving was a prelude to some weird Britney / riot grrrl / Patty Hearst hybrid that would give every record company exec and A&R man in the industry an aneurism. Maybe next time.
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