Too Much Pork For Just One Fork
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Due in part to the success of TV shows like "Top Chef" and "Hell's Kitchen," chefs have become rock stars—but some rock stars have been known to put down the axe and pick up a chef’s knife as well: chef Sam Mason [note: autoplay music] makes Dinner With The Band; dishes are paired with DJs in NY clubs; and there's also a recently-published indie rock cook book [MySpace link]. Care for some dessert? Steve Albini has the final word on food.
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The bass player from Husker Du runs a restaurant.
posted by drezdn at 9:50 AM on September 27, 2007

drezdn: that would be Greg Norton's The Nortons.
posted by ardgedee at 9:51 AM on September 27, 2007

The ice-cream man used to be a rock star, too. Stop him if he's passing by.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 9:53 AM on September 27, 2007

Can you think of a way to utilize the top of a pineapple?

In Associated Press style, "utilize" means "to press into service in a manner not usual or intended." Since pineapple tops' only usual or intended uses are to top off pineapples and Latin showgirls, anything done with one would satisfy your question. Let's try poking one up a Spin Doctor's ass...Neat. Now let's try sticking it in the eye of one of those tiresome "love rockers" on the "K" label or down the throat of some dreadful New Zealander pop whiner...Ohh, splendid! Now let's pulverize it as a source of cellulose fiber for making paper and textiles...Not as much fun as wholesale deforestation of old-growth timberlands. Can we force it on \the gullible music scenesters as a fashion accessory by saying it represents the rebirth of the feminist aesthetic?...Yes! Grrrl Styllle.

Steve Albini is the shit...
posted by SweetJesus at 9:59 AM on September 27, 2007

Thanks for the Southern Culture on the Skids reference in your headline, pfafflin. It made my day.
posted by Fennel B. at 10:08 AM on September 27, 2007

Rock Star Chef / Indie rock media hype synergy huh ...
OK I got one for y'all
Duff, the tatooed hipster cakemaker of Ace of Cakes...(Food Network) who has on his frosting team a member of my very favorite Baltimore indie band, the Squaaks. ...not the Myspace site but the Defeckto stream.

I would have also put up a clip from SCTV's old Fishin Musician skit (rock bands go fishin on hokey TV show , then perform).. whee heee.. but YouTube came up short.

When is the word 'indie" going to go out of date, by the way? I gotta stay hip!
posted by celerystick at 10:15 AM on September 27, 2007

Dear Steve Albini,

Shut the fuck up about grammar, since it shows you to be both needlessly pedantic and wrong. The indefinite third person, especially in AP style (which you reference) is "him or her," or the posessive "his or hers," and not simply "him" or "his," you needling prat. The use of "their" is rising because "his or hers" can often be clumsy, and this is a good thing (though the AP has not yet accepted it).

Yours in stylebook,


ps. When are you going to go back to making decent music?
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Is there anything Steve Albini doesn't have the last word on?
posted by lekvar at 10:34 AM on September 27, 2007

(On lack of preview, klang certainly seems to think so)
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You know what I'm sick of in the rock star chef cultural phenomenon? I'm tired of these guys being labled as great because they are willing to take risks or a extremely innovative, not necessarily because they are good at making food. Give me a good cook over a Top Chef (TM) any day of the week.
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Hey, the title is a name from a
Southern Culture on the Skids album. Good song.
posted by pumpkin at 12:19 PM on September 27, 2007

Wait a minute... isn't this thread about Halo 3 and it's main character "Master Chef"?
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