So you like electronic music?
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If you like electronic music, you probably already know about some of the blogs that offer free live set downloads. You might even know about mpiii. But, they all pale in comparison to the one and only mixes db.
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Wow. Thx, milarepa.
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Damnit chunking express, you made me realize I forgot to post this.
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Well, mpiii has some sets from Tipper, so that's a good sign. There's also Plaid and 808 State. Too bad its trance section doesn't really include much psy and goa, but that's not unusual.
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Big Fish
Little Fish
Cardboard Box
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thanks for the link to mixesdb, its new to me and I will check it out - although I can't seem to access it at the moment.

I have been a member of the mixing bowl for quite awhile and am always looking for more mixes to listen to (can never really have enough).
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Yeah, I don't know what happened to Mixesdb. They are running slow today.
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krinklyfig: got its start from Detroit Techno Militia, if I remember correctly. I'm surprised it has a trance section at all.
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I was part of a dj collective that threw parties "back in the day," so I am constantly looking for free online music from older artists, like DJ Pierre and Derrick Carter, but love other stuff like Herbert and Dayhota and Magda, too. Note: My first party was in 1989, so that actually makes me really old. Other sites I personally like for music:

Crobot Crew

Ezeskankin mixtapes (includes house music mix tapes going back to 1994)


(Note: Kindergarten has not been updated for a while)

Digital downloads for sale from old labels such as Silent, WaxTrax, Soma, Warp, that sort of thing: Bleep Downloads. That's where I got a digital copy of Gak 4.

At work, I often listen to The Cybernetic Broadcasting System, but they don't work so hot with the iTunes... instead, you'll need this player.

I met the guys at Clone Records in Detroit a couple years ago, and loved what Serge was playing, so if you love minimal, detroit techno, or italo disco (Alexander Robotnick, Serge, Luke Eargoggle, etc.): Clone Records.

Man, I could do this all day. For local flavor I go here: Dallas Dance Music. There are a lot of downloads available there, but I'm also highly entertained by the people on the boards... helps that I know some of them, but a lot of it is pretty immature.

Probably already know about Ghostly International, home of artists like Matthew Dear and Hieroglyphic Being (but I believe you have to pay for downloads, rats!).

If you like house and can tolerate Real Player (damn, I sure can't):
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CPI offers free DLs of her wide range of mixes...from downtempo stuff to intelligent hip-hop to experimental electronic stuff i don't understand...
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Thanks unicorn on the cob !
(great username by the way!)
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Fleep is good for house music.
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Bleep has a sale right now, so get your DRM free early warp classics there.

(Or, you know, just warez them. But Warp deserves your money)
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Thanks, Milarepa! I see you're in Brooklyn... you might check out events by the Cocomachete guys. They're old friends of mine -- and tend to hang out with gorgeous women, too.
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Thinner has tons (too much?) of decent stuff in the minimal techno-y field.
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Trevor Wilkes is a kick ass dj and hosts lots of guest sets, in addition to his own live and webcast mixes.

I'm surprised no one has posted

There's also The discogs mixes forum and if you like the detroit shiz little detroit and Detroitluv

and shameless self-link: join my group if you're into the techno thing
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Beep beep click scrape.
Beep beep click scrape.
Beep beep click scrape.

[this is good]
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I'm a big fan of It's got a pretty good selection of dubstep.
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Previously: Travis Castillo's DJ and live set archives and WaxDJ.

And here is one of my most recent mixes. Plain old good techno. Mixed in software. (Yeah, software. I've earned it. I started on vinyl around 1993. Hell, I started on tapes. I don't miss either. Software mixing is incredible, if not harder to do well.)
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A few on T.U.B.E.
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Goddamn this is a great thread.

Rolls eyes, grinds teeth, sucks a dummy. Is that wall moving. Hey's been a long time. Want some vicks? PLUR serotoniiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.
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Also West Ocean has fw limits on what you can dl, unlike a lot of the servers listed. MANY orb, chem bros, orbital, seminal dj sets here.
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mattbucher: the jimi hendrix with jim morrison set on that site is great! Thanks.
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also, most of the essential mixes... ya know, back before this here interweb thing came of age and we were all trading mixtapes...

NSFW ADS:-> i wish i knew where my tapes went
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for a regular fix of stuff ranging from Detroit techno, minimal, electro, to house without all the trance I've been listening to Detroit Institute of Techno. It's been keeping me awake after lunch lately.

Unicorn on the cob: you can find some Magda and Matthew Dear and other M_nus and Ghostly people there.
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