That's it! Back to Winnipeg!
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Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg! 250 stories about Winnipeg! (and Manitoba...)
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Ah, Winnipeg. Despite myself, I still miss the place sometimes... I have fond memories of spending the summer there, home for the summer from college in Philadelphia: randomly reconnecting with an old elementary school buddy at the U of M while I was there, going out to movies & parties with elementary school buddies, my college girlfriend visiting for a week... one of the times in my life when I was truly happy.

I still don't think I'm ever going to go back to live there — there's not really any opportunity for me there in my particular field — but the prairie's always going to have a certain hold over me.

Thanks for the link. I'm going to enjoy reading these stories over the coming days.
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Heh, "Winnerpeg" my friend calls it, but it's my hometown and I love it. Nice link Effigy.
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Heh, "Winnerpeg" my friend mockingly calls it, but it's my hometown and I love it. Nice link Effigy.

That makes more sense.
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I hate Winnipeg.
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my mom was born there...married there

I went for a summer trip after eighth grade to stay with my grandmother.....smoked like a fiend....drank like a fish at the Canadian version of the VFW and learned to play snooker

swam in the Pan Am pool with my cousins....first and last time we ever met....and got lost as hell lookiing for a head shop called Autumn Stone...when I found was near a place called the Rainbow Massage Parlor...I just remember looking at it and going HMMMMMM? yeah I was 13

Got lost on the bus back to Charleswood....driver let me smoke one of his Craven A's.....some kid my age ran into me and when I said I was American he invited me up to his apartment to smoke his mom's weed


If I had a link to Dont Be Denied by Neil Young right would be way here.... anyone wanna guess how many jumps down the thread it will take?
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For those interested in a charmingly surreal take on Winnipeg check out Guy Maddin's latest personal documentary/memoir My Winnipeg. Really beautiful, funny and strange.
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Uh, I feel I should say something here, but I am uninteresting, like the city whose name I have co-opted.
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Winnipeg is a frozen shithole
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I don't know how to feel right now.
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Actually, I do - this fellow has taken some great photos of Winnipeg, particularly these portraits of its marginalized and destitute. Worth checking out.
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Speaking of which, the new Weakerthans is excellent.
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Forgive the derail, but this might be a good time to ask: does anybody have any pics of what was once "Unicity Fashion Mall"? It is the icon of my youth, and since it was destroyed before the age of the internet, I can find pics of it nowhere. Much obliged.

Be checking out these links for awhile. Thanks E2000.
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Well, this will keep me busy today! The articles are neither current (one references mayor Susan Thompson) nor particularly well written but, by golly, I'll be an expert about my hometown before this day is through!
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Speaking of "Back to Winnipeg," bring back the Jets!
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I've been looking for a good lyric to put in here to say yes, bicyclefish, the new Weakerthans is indeed excellent. I'll just say instead that I hope Virtute finds her way back home eventually.
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