Watch out for those fingers!
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Do you know how to Dandiya?

There are some photographs linked to as you scroll down the blog as well, and some music too. Enjoy!
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Annoying autoplay music on second link.
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Looks like this is all the rage in India!
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flapjax: It has been for centuries. The Gujarati community has two primary dances, both group dances - Garba & Dandiya. Dandiya involves two small wooden sticks, also called Dandiya. Garba dancing moves are quite similar to Dandiya but instead of wooden sticks, you clap your hands.

Originally I sucked at both but after moving to US from India and seeing how bad the Indian-Americans were at these, I figured I can't be THAT bad and started dancing again. Most Indian marriages have Garba/Dandiya nights a few days before the main wedding day. It's been a few years since I went to any marriages so my skills are a bit rusty.

Stage performances of course are a whole different thing. Never done that myself. But the top-level Dandiya competitions in India are definitely on the same skill-level as the break-dancing stuff you see on random YouTube clips.
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Yeah, I do. What do I win?

Being a Gujarati Bombayite helps aplenty.
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