Down with the old folks at... MySpace.
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Each of the following MySpace Music pages features bios and/or photos and/or videos and/or miscellaneous related materials and/or up to four songs by each of the following Old Time, Traditional, Appalachian folk (and related) artists: Lowe Stokes, Clarence Ashley, Charlie Poole, Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers, Roanoke Jug Band, Roscoe Holcomb, Hobart Smith, The Weems String Band, Burnet & Rutherford, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, John Masters, Dock Boggs, Tampa Joe & Macon Ed, William Stepp, Buddy Thomas, Buell Kazee, Isidore Soucy, John Salyer, Cousin Emmy, Luther Strong, Elizabeth Cotten, Fred Cockerham, G.B. Grayson, Melvin Wine, Lewis Brothers, Uncle Dave Macon, George Lee Hawkins and Wilmer Watts. And here's some general Old Time (etc.) pages, featuring various artists: Dust To Digital, Traditional Music of Beech Mountain and North Carolina Folklife Institute.

And though they present all kinds of old music (not only Trad/Old Time and such), I'd like to include a link here to the Venerable Music MySpace: they are a wonderful resource for historic music of many kinds. And they have some wonderful old photos on their page.
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I just now, minutes before this post, ordered a cheap banjo off the internet to learn. This is really great.
posted by stavrogin at 1:16 AM on October 24, 2007

You all are Cousin Emmy's sunshine. In the key of G.
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Dude. You are a machine.

An insane machine.
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This would be the post where I can ask for reccomendations of good old time / country / country blues / bluegrass streaming radio stations!

I had one or two stations I was listening to a few years back that played amazing stuff from someone-or-others collection of great 78s...any tips on who's streaming this stuff now?
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Thanks an awful lot...
this stuff is entirely new to me.
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In this recent old-time/country blues posting battle between flapjax and y2karl, the winner is the rest of us. Nice work, fellas.
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Another really good collection. I'll have to comb through this when I get off work.
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hmmm... I think it fits here : recordings from grey fox bluegrass festival.
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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
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My Lord, flap (and y2Karl)...I'm trying to get work done here! Geez!How can I keep my hands off the tempting audio candy?

favorite favorite favorite...will have to explore later but thanks for the filtering!
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'Skillet Lickers' -easily one of my all-time favorite band names.
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Seconding Skillet Lickers as a great name. What an awesome post flapjax. wow. Also seconding the wish for streaming music of this kind. Makes me want to get up off my chair and stomp. Yee ha!
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Streaming music of this kind
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Love me some Libba! Thanks for this post, Flapjax.
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Congrats on your 100th!!! (Still digging through the links) Thanks, man, this is some very cool and inspiring stuff.
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Miko, thanks for the Sugar In The Gourd link!
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