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Wanna sell your TV show idea? There is no shortage of advice out there, or contests. Here are the winning pilots picked from this year's New York TV Festival, sort of a Sundance for TV newbies.
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I once pitched an adult cartoon show (and comic book) about a six-foot sperm. No takers, darn it...
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Ideas are like hemorrhoids : every asshole gets one eventually.
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How poetic...
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I work in the industry and when I first started out my agency was grooming me for a career in television. It was pretty difficult to break in back then in the early 90's. But things are different today with the amount of shows being produced and the number of talented theatre writers going into television. It's not an easy game to get into but compared to feature filmmaking (both studio and indie), its surprisingly much easier to get through the door.
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I think a big breakthrough with that happened when the specialty/cable channels started airing original programming in earnest -- and not yet another zany sitcom with middle class parents and three mouthy but lovable kids.
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I have an idea: Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun are living together in suburban bliss until the day their lives are turned upside-down by their new neighbours, the Goldensteins, who are Jewish. The show's plots will be inevitably centered around Hitler's wacky inability to get along with his neighbours. Pitching this in New York will be the ultimate solution to the problem of creating more room for comedy.
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I'd like a show where everyone always looks into the camera.
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They call that the evening news...
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