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Marvin Digs. An early cartoon from Ralph Bakshi.
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Loves me some Bakshi. A friend of mine is an artist who paints portraits of other artists. he decided last year that he really wanted to paint a portrait of Bakshi. Figuring it was a longshot, he looked him up, and Mr. Bakshi was not only into the idea, but was sincerely honored that someone wanted to honor him in such a way. So my artist friend, and my roommate (also an artist) flew out to see him, were guests in his home, and got to be wide eyed acolytes at the foot of the master. Based on their reports, he's the nicest guy on the planet, and spent as much time gushing over their work as they did over his. He asked each of them which was their favorite of his films, and gave them original cels from each one. So now we have a Coonskin cel hanging in our living room. I would have picked American Pop
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That looks a lot like what they've done with the many of the buildings in south and west Philly. I too, love Ralph Bakshi.
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What a groovy little short. I've always been partial to Wizards, but, yeah, I like Bakshi.
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Great video compression for a youtube short and a wonderful color pallet.

But as far as a coherent story or comedy timing or even semi original characters, this thing sux. It's still a fun window on Bakshi and his creative history though.
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I'm so glad that once the hippies took over, they fixed everything.

(kidding, I enjoyed that!)
posted by Eideteker at 5:16 PM on October 30, 2007

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