That's some scary music
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Krzysztof Komeda wrote and played some scary stuff. Then there's Bernard Herrmann. Poe for Moderns is awesome, complete with a Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross-esque version of "The Raven". And if you haven't heard Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, well, you haven't lived. And if that doesn't thrill you, maybe this will?

Man, I so wish Hasil Adkins was singing about heads off eating hot dogs right now on youtube (er... if you can find it, hooray for us all). Bobby Pickett and The Misfits don't count. Puttin on the Ritz, though... that shit's funny.
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My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me
by The Geto Boys (I live by the sward!)
Dream Warriors by Dokken from Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

Also, consider this a Pt. Deux (Duh) to McLir's post.
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Creepily cool stuff. Thanks, sleepy pete!
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double damn,

Gravediggaz 1-800-Suicide.

OK, I'm gonna stop adding what I forgot now.
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Bernard Hermann. What can I say? A genius, a stolid part of my mudsical education that blows away 90% of the bands I've ever liked (on Record or CD...not live). His work is gorgeous and creepy and just fucking life changing.

I'm not joking. I am so glad Martin Scorsese rcognized him in and let him do the music for Taxi Driver.

Full disclosure I have a huge weakness for film music from the 50s and 60s (and 70s even). Ahh Bernard Hermann. Goddammit. It doesn;t much get much better than that/.
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Yes mud-sical. From mud we come and to mud we will one day return.

Say yes people, say yes!!! Let your imagination come to the fore and destroy us to another place this place and bring us to another place, because if not you...then who!!!? Destroy Bush and Cheny. It's your job as an American a true American

Okay, I'm drunk right now and will probably regret this in the morning, but why? Why should I regret reaching out to other human beings, goddammit! NIce human beings here on the MF.

Alright someones going to kill me for this..maybe even call me out to Cortex or the wonderful Jessamyn. Ask me if I care. Nope. Roght now I don't care. Say Yes people.


*Muriel Rukeyser
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Say yes or at least laugh at the folly of human beings.
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It’s ok buddy. I once drunk posted about the importance of coiling wire. It netted me mild embarrassment and a few favorites.

Keep on rocking the 14k.
posted by Faux Real at 3:55 AM on October 31, 2007're a prinxe Faux real.
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Prince're a PRINCE Faux Real.

Sorry bout that.
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Bernard Herrmann was about as subtle as that Hitchcock guy he worked for.

But he was great!

Groovy post, sleepy pete!
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Enjoy some Ghostly Sounds featuring Gershon Kingsley of Perrey & Kingsley fame.
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OK, I know this is a Hallowe'en post, and that's cool, but I would hate to see the great Krzysztof Komeda represented on MeFi only as a composer of spooky movie music. He died in 1969 still in his thirties, after having single-handedly created a Polish jazz scene that still thrives with his former sideman Tomasz Stańko and in 1965 created one of the masterpieces of European jazz, Astigmatic. Someday I might do a post on him, but for now I want to correct the record to some small extent.

(Spookily enough, it's never been clear exactly how he died: "In December 1968, in Los Angeles, Komeda had a tragic accident which led to a haematoma of the brain. There are various accounts of what happened: car accident in the autumn of 1968, being pushed off an escarpment by writer Marek Hłasko during a drinking party. After having been transported to Poland, he died as a result of wrong treatment of haematoma. Roman Polański mentions in his memories that as a result of friendly rough and tumble with Marek Hłasko, Komeda fell down and suffered head injuries.")
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Thanks fleetmouse, I can't wait to hear that one (although I have to since I'm at work).

And languagehat, I'm glad you came in and said something. Komeda really was an amazing jazzman. I used to play some of his stuff in college on my radio show (it was a jazz show at 8 AM... man I both hated and loved that job). I do have to say that there's something really wonderful about listening to the Rosemary's Baby soundtrack when it abruptly changes from jazz to chanting, though.
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Great post, sleepy pete.

I once ran across a playlist w/mp3s of the original versions of the songs Fantômas covered for The Director's Cut (mostly horror movie music), but for the life of me I can't find it now. I like Fantômas, but most of the originals were much more atmospheric.
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