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Theodore Gray's interactive periodic table isn't the only periodic table online -- another one was posted to MeFi last month -- but I think it's the most gorgeous, informative, and ambitious periodic table I've ever seen, featuring actual samples of most of the elements and their practical uses, a fascinating display of uranium isotopes, and explosive "sodium party" videos and more from Gray's many years of obsession with the elements.
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Gray has also written a great series of columns for Popular Science on DIY chemistry.
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This is cool. Funny how nearly everything is grey...
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Wow. Gorgeous. Since they're available as posters, I just crossed about 4 people off the Christmas gift list.
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Wow, cool!
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nice, sent on to every math/science teacher I know...
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We talked about Theodore Gray's periodic table back in the day, but it looks like he got himself a more uptown domain. It is indeed awesome.
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The only disappointing part is the reminder of how similar most metals look, the dull gray of nonspecific emission. Too bad it doesn't work that each crystal structure has its own hue. Well, at least the surface oxides can be colorful.
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I should throw some Me2Fi into a pool and see if it asplodes. (Nice post!)
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[this is good]

I could waste hours reading all the stuff on here. Great post.
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Great post, thanks heaps.

no work for me today, and I can regale my lunch time colleagues with tales of lithium.

"That laptop battery you have there contains lithium, did you know that.... hey, where are you guys going..."
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My collection:
Periodic Table - Flash Version
Elementymology & Elements Multidict
Wiki: The periodic table of the chemical elements
WebElements: Periodic Table
Mark Winter: WebElements 1.2.1: Periodic Table
Periodic Table w/X-Ray Properties
Magenetic Resonance Periodic Table
Periodic Table of Matter -AntiMatter (AMatter) Elements
The Schemata of the Elements: A New Periodic Table of the Elements
David's Whizzy Periodic Table (w/orbital animations)
Theodore Gray: The Wooden Periodic Table Table
Multilingual Dynamic Periodic Table
The Periodic Table of the Elements, Standard Form | Isotope data for Uranium235
The Element Collection | Periodic Table Displays
Los Alamos Periodic Table of the Elements
Environmental Chemistry: Periodic Table of Elements
L. Bruce Railsback: An Earth Scientist's Periodic Table of the Elements and Their Ions
The Zen Periodic Table
Comic Book Periodic Table
Table of Condiments: That Periodically Go Bad
The Periodic Table of Dessert
The Periodic Table of Rejected Elements
Man's Periodic Table
George Glazenby: Iridium | and the Russians
Periodic Table of Mathematicians
Periodic Table of Blogs
Periodic Table of Mystery Authors
Periodic Table of Presidents
Periodic Table of Science Fiction | Dances | Haiku | Elephants
Mark Lentczner: Periodic Table of the Perl Operators
Flash Animation - The Elements, by Tom Lehrer
Dow/Popsci Periodic Table
Elementymology & Elements Multidict
The Particles of Star Trek
Rare Elements of the 30th Century
Kansas Periodic Table

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Awesome, thanks!
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