The Heeb 100
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The Heeb 100 Heeb Magazine, you know that sometimes controversial magazine out of Jew York has recently released their list of the "100 people you need to know about" who also happen to be Jewish. Also, be sure to check out their reposting of an interview with art world honcho and big time heeb Zach Feuer.
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Any word on what kind of Jewish is the "just happen to be Jewish" kind of Jewish? How do you qualify? Do I need to send a check to someone?

I'm also not sure I "needed to know" about Shoshana Lonstein.
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Wow, I had no idea there were so many Jews in Art, Entrepreneurship, Comedy, Books, New Media, Music, Media, or Film/TV.

I thought they were all in landscaping and pencil manufacture.
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They left out sports.
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The fact that I am not on this list is a travesty.
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Oh oh, they're putting us on lists again.
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Heeb certainly tries to be controversial (starting with the name), but it's basically a culture magazine of the Giant Robot variety, only with the kind of fluff writing you'd find in Time Out NY.

Also, it's famous for throwing terrible parties.
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Hey. How come I get in trouble when I say heeb.
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Oy vey?
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Kikes Illustrated is a much better read.
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Heeb. Heh, that's cute. They're taking back the word, I guess. Just like they took back that country.
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Just like they took back that country.

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Yay, Racist dunk-tank clown, oh how I've missed you.
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We have the magazine publisher son of a wealthy magazine publisher father, the real estate tycoon son of a real estate magnate father, a former host of Extreme Dodgeball, a kid who dropped out of high school dropout to make Night of the Living Jews, a woman who broke onto the fashion scene using the publicity gained when she dated Jerry Seinfeld (notice they failed to mention that), a guy with a website about how to enjoy bacon while remaining kosher and so on and so on.

I've never been prouder.
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All snark aside, how about a philanthropy category?
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They left out sports.

Already been done.
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Several years back, I saw Perry Farrell featured in an issue of Heeb magazine and it reminded me of a vaguely embarrassing incident...

Back in 1992 Perry was in Seattle for a photo shoot for Spin magazine with the sideshow I was on as part of the Lollapalooza promotion. We were shooting some photos on a rooftop, and I asked Perry about his last name, "Farrell". "Farrell" is also my middle name. I not get the play on the word "peripheral", nor did I recognise his ethnicity by physiognomy; I think I may have even asked him if he was Irish!

But for some reason, he didn't respond to my sincere ignorance with the truth, as he regaled me with a convoluted and fanciful answer...
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wah.... that was like a hipster orgy.
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Reminds me that I was invited by a friend to attend a talk at Yale this past weekend. The talk was given by some yale institute that studies anti-semitism. I reminded my friend that we were both old enough to remember when Yale had a quota on how many Jews would be allowed in for any incoming class. How things change.
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Notable absences to me: Maer Roshan (EIC of Radar magazine), Dov Charney (though I suppose for obvious reasons), and Shalom Auslander (!!!).
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Why do they not mention that Bob Blumer is Canadian?
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Did they have to be under 30 or something?
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Look, Robert Crumb and Aline made the cover for this issue.
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