Mad Cap Adventure
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The Tall Stump. Jump around, shoot pellets, solve puzzles, collect hats. Winner of Jay Is Games' fourth casual game design competition. You weren't getting anything done today anyway. previously

Here's the full interface to play any game from the competition.
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I've already beaten it and it is very fun but there are two insanely hard screens that detract from the game. Namely the teleporter screen and end boss.

Give it a try though. Worth at least 20 minutes of your time.
posted by clockworkjoe at 3:30 PM on November 7, 2007

Yep, I gave it about 20 minutes before I gave up.

Interesting and Diverting, but not all that addictive.
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I've played it through; it's good! It doesn't blow, dammit. The end guy is hard, but not impossible by any means.
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I love Jay is Games.
posted by caddis at 5:14 PM on November 7, 2007

K, I'm currently trapped in a room with an ant and an angsty switch... a hint would be nice.
posted by Citizen Premier at 5:16 PM on November 7, 2007

yeah. tough.

stuck in ant room too, apparently i have to shoot he switch five
times in a row.

walkthrough here
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I played this one, since it won, but I wasn't super-amused by it. Can anyone recommedn one of the non-winners? Last year's winner kept me busy like a homeless kid with a sack full of paint fumes.
posted by jonson at 5:51 PM on November 7, 2007

I lieked "Space Kitteh", for a few minutes of peaceful meditative gameplay. The alternate camera modes (giant turntable!) make it even more trippy.
posted by anthill at 6:08 PM on November 7, 2007

Ballistic Wars is a lot of fun. I also liked Absolute Awesome Ball Game though beware that most of the fun lies in figuring out what the heck you're supposed to be doing.
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"C" in Space Kitteh changes camera modes. Watch out for the level with the firey sun, it can crash your Flash plugin (and Mozilla).
posted by anthill at 7:01 PM on November 7, 2007

Not bad. Perhaps the best part is that you get to fight a Cory Doctorow imitator at the end. All games should end in a battle to the death with an internet personality.
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Okay, yeah, at the teleporter bit and it's been frustrating-but-ok before this but right here it's just plain Nintendo hard. Not worth the effort.
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caddis: "I love Jay is Games."

I was rather embarrassed when I laughed at your clever little spoonerism. Then I realized you didn't say "Gay is James". And then I figured that's probably a well trod joke. Then I realized I probably drank one too many and should shut up already.
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Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
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Thanks for posting this, rouftop.

I really liked Absolutely Awesome Ball Game from this competition too. But for me, most of the fun was never really figuring out what I was doing. Hadn't played Ballistic Wars yet - now the rest of my day looks shot.
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